I Have A Dream

DREAM BIGI have a dream! But don’t we all?  What should we think of dreams? Not the episodes that play out in our sleep, but the ones that are conceived in our daily thoughts, that we nurture and care for as they grow and become larger than life. Is it just the wishful thinking that exists as an alternative reality in the mind of the dreamer? Or is it something much more than that? Is the dream that never dies and becomes bigger than you put there for a reason? Should we have hope? Or is it ridiculous to think that perhaps something great could begin in such a small and insignificant place as your own mind?

This invisible blueprint that is created and drawn up by the inner whispers of your imagination seems to attach itself to the heart and pulls and tugs at the emotional strings until it has the opportunity to break free, jumping outside the borders of its confines and making its audible entrance, exploding into an orchestra of ideas. As the piece begins to play, the oh so familiar triumphant song you often sing to yourself is music to your ears, and as it builds with passion and authority a palpable fervor fills the room. It’s in that small moment of total surrender to its possibility that you are overcome with a childlike excitement as if opening a long awaited gift on Christmas morning. The plans for just a second seem to take shape before your eyes, and what was once a private showing for your own pleasure becomes a blockbuster. You revel in its debut and with great anticipation wait for the applause. But then, almost as quickly as it all began, it stops abruptly, the notes cease to play, the image vanishes, and you are left with the deafening silence of an audience weighted down in their seats by the gravity that works to hold us to the world’s definition of impossible. A heart wrenching reality-check slaps you across the face waking you from the momentary stupor you were just performing in. The dramatic scene induced by impatience is now over as a heavy heart calls “curtains”. Embarrassment and doubt seep in and the vibrant vision that once inhabited your inner thoughts has lost its color and started to dissolve into reservation and uncertainty. Retreating within becomes the only answer, and as you go mute, trying to escape a visionary’s torment of an unrealized dream, the mysterious cycle begins again. It’s the immortal nature of a foreknown plan with purposeful design that has been implanted into one’s subconscious reality that is not yet ready to become real.

This is the rollercoaster I have been on for years now. But I believe that I am no ordinary passenger and what continues to thrive within is only waiting for its appointed time to begin. And as much as I hate the lows, when my stomach drops, tears fall, and waves of disappointment and confusion break over me, I remain patient with an enduring hope. The dreamer in me never stops dreaming for a reason. There is a cry of victory that comes from the inner SOULdier that refuses to stop fighting knowing there is a battle still being waged in a war that has and will be revealed as already being won. I have a power greater in me than that which works against me. I am confidant and determined as I continue to live for Christ knowing that what the world says should be feared will be the onset of my gain. With an understanding of truth comes a broader perspective of that which conceals itself within perception. I have risen above and live and breathe all for His glory. So, for now I forge on with high expectations and complete faith that His plan will become my reality.

It’s because of HIM that I have this dream.

- T.S. 11.20.14
t3ruth Movement

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Triple Threat


What does it mean to be a Christian?  I know the common answer is we believe in the Bible as God’s Word and that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  It means that if you believe, accepting Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior you are saved.  Saved from what?  Saved from yourself, a broken world, sin, and eternal separation from God.  So as a Christian we believe, and then we go to Heaven when we die.  But that is not all there is.  That is our happy ending, final victory and reward; but God’s plan includes so much more for us.  He has included in His perfect plan a way for us to have abundant life as we journey through the physical.  He knew exactly how difficult life would be, but didn’t leave us to rely on our own strength or knowledge to get through it.  He provided us with all the tools to live successfully regardless of our worldly circumstances.  It is when you fully wrap your brain around His plan and begin to see life from His perspective that you become a Triple Threat.


So, what exactly is a “Triple Threat”?  Well, in short, my definition of a Triple Threat is someone who fully understands all of who God is in their lives.  This someone knows the three persons of God…the Trinity; their perfect Father who loves them, their Savior Jesus Christ who redeems them, and the Holy Spirit who renews them.  This someone fully embraces the unique relationship they have with each Person of God and allows Him total access to impact their life, empowering them to REALLY live out the purpose for which they were created with renewed strength, desire, comprehension, discernment, clarity, illumination, direction, and more.  With this truth comes power, the power of three, a power that lives within us and works through us and when you combine that with the Bible it makes us an enormous threat to a world that is ruled by the enemy of God.  We are set apart for a Devine reason according to a Devine plan.


The cross is a sacred symbol for Christians that stands for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The cross represents our salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice and a forgiveness of sin.  The cross represents everything our faith is about.  We hang our hope on the cross.  At a point in my spiritual journey, my year of 40 to be exact, I was blessed with arriving to what I feel was the promise land in regards to my life.  It was during this year that God spoke a deeper truth to me and opened my eyes to something I had never understood before.  It’s an amazing story of how God communicates with us when we are in a state of constant awareness of His presence.  Ask and it will be answered, seek and you shall find, knock and a world you could not have imagined will open up.  A long story short (that one day I will write about); I was formally introduced to the third Person of God, the Holy Spirit, as my soul’s true mate.  I know this may sound weird, but it made perfect sense to me and addressed a question that beckoned an answer for quite awhile.  By inviting God into my thoughts, reading His Word, and conversing and writing to Him, I was made aware of the true impact Jesus’ death and resurrection had on my life.  It is humbled at the foot of the cross that we plant in our hearts the truth of Jesus Christ and at that point receive not just a home in Heaven, but full access to all of who God is.  Our Savior is the narrow gate we must pass through in order to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.  It is through Jesus alone that we can truly know God, all three Persons of God.  This is where my inspiration came for not only the term “Triple Threat” but also for adding a “3” to the bottom of the cross.  This was a personal way for me to express my new understanding of an old tradition.  I no longer looked at it and just saw a promise of Heaven.  I now look at the cross and also see a promise for today.  A promise of abundant life that comes from truly knowing God.  A life that defies gravity lifting us to new heights and revealing a reality that reaches beyond our own vision.


Out of this, came the creation of the “Triple Threat Cross”.   It was a necklace that was originally made as a gift to a passionate 20-year-old I’m proud to call my nephew.  From there family members and friends began to also embrace it’s meaning.  The Triple Threat cross has become something we wear to remind ourselves of the truth of who God truly is in our lives and the power we have in that truth.  But what is really cool is we have discovered that it has become something much more than that.  Something even more powerful.  It has become an amazing witnessing tool.  Unlike a normal cross, people see this one around your neck and they want to know what the “3” (or sometimes they say “B” ) is and what it means.  It is at this point we as believers are INVITED to witness, to explain the true meaning of the cross and the truth of who God is.  We get to tell people that we are loved by our Father, redeemed by the Son and renewed by the Spirit.  We get to share God’s love in a moment that may have been void of that truth.  I feel like it is bringing back the power of a symbol that has been stolen, perverted and turned into a trend by a world that intentionally works to hide God’s truth.  Well, we’re taken it back,  reclaiming it and revealing it’s true meaning!   “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!” Ephesians 6:10


If you would like to be the light and join the movement, wear one of these handmade crosses, or give one as a gift.  I have made them available for purchase.  With the necklace comes a card for you that explains the meaning and also includes 4 extra cards to share with those who inquire.  The album of pictures above displays the variety of crosses I have made and that can be ordered.  I am in the process of setting up an official website, but until it drops, please email any questions and/or orders to  info@t3ruth.com


- T.S.  a Soldier for Christ and a Triple Threat!



t3ruth jpeg2

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A Closer Look at “TRUTH”

researchDo you know the truth about life?  What is it and how did you come to know it?  Are you confident in your answer? 

Well, let’s explore and first consider this: Can there be more than one truth?  Is it possible that those who believe in the God of the Bible as our creator and Jesus Christ as the Savior, and those who believe in everything else, from other religions to accidental existence and evolution, all be right?  Each may believe they are right, but is that possible?

Let me ask you this: If many detectives are working to solve a murder mystery and they all come up with completely different stories and suspects, can all of the detectives be right?  Some may claim suicide, a few may say murder, but have different suspects and stories; and then some may try to say there was no death at all because there is no body, and so on.  Can there be many different conflicting stories that are all true concerning one incident?  Or is there only one story that is accurate, and if they want to get to the bottom of it, they better figure it out; right?  They should go back, take a closer look, dig a little deeper, set their personal opinions aside and truly examine the evidence; following the trails, determining what makes sense and looking for patterns.  Is there one story that fills in more of the gaps?  Is there anything in writing?  Can that writing be validated?  They are going to have to take all the stories, weigh the evidence for each accordingly, and determine where the proof lies.  If they want to solve this mystery they need to get serious and make the effort.  This is a matter of life and death for those who may be suspects, so it is crucial that the truth is discovered.  I don’t think a judge and jury would come to a conclusion that all theories of what occurred leading up to and during the incident in question are all valid and therefore all deemed  true for the parties who hold to that theory.  That is just nonsense! 

So, is it just as important to know the truth about life? Who cares if we want to believe different things? What does it matter if we just embrace subjectivism? It’s easier, right? This way no one gets mad or offended. This way everyone can be right.  Believe whatever you want. Whatever feels good to you, that’s great, that’s your truth.  All of this would be fine, if there were no consequences.  But there is one story out there, embraced by many, that says that knowing the truth, like the murder mystery, is a matter of life and death.  To know and embrace the truth leads to life.  To deny the truth leads to death.  So the real question is, if there can only be one truth and that one could lead to life while all “others” lead to death, how important is it to figure that out?  Is it worth taking a closer look and digging a little deeper?  Unlike the detectives, it’s not someone else’s life that’s in your hands, it’s your own!

What if you are living a lie?  Are you willing to take that gamble and bet your life on it?  How important is your life?  What if you are wrong? Don’t you want to know?  If knowing is important, then when beginning the search for truth wouldn’t you start with the one that claims life or death?  If you can rule that one out first, then you’re free to believe whatever you want with no consequence.   And if you discover that the evidence does point to this, then you have just been saved!  That would be the most intelligent and efficient way to go about it, don’t you think?

So, in conclusion, if there can only be one truth about where we came from and where we are going, then that means that everything else regarding this question, all those other beliefs, opinions, theories and so on, are all lies.  What are the odds that you are embracing the one truth?  Put forth the effort, dig deep, do the research, examine ALL the evidence.  Don’t settle!  Don’t be fooled!  Watch for the manipulations, theoretical assumptions, popular ideologies and the cool trends that draw you in.  If you look you will find they all lack reason and evidence.  Make this a personal priority to discover who you are by finding out if God really exists.  Investigate the Bible.  Can it be trusted?  Your life is worth the time and effort, wouldn’t you agree?  And remember, if there can only be one truth then there are many, many lies.  Figure it out!



- T.S. 

Coming soon:


          Be the LIGHT – Join the MOVEMENT

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A Big Reveal

Eye SeeAs I sit at my desk pondering, playing with my scattered thoughts, my gaze narrows in and focuses on one of the 3×5 index cards stuck to my cluttered cork board. As I stare at the familiar words, I feel a rush of adrenaline make its way through my body. Suddenly my mind starts racing and I’m once again filled with a sense of power. Written in black ink is a verse I obviously considered important enough to display with the family pictures, kids art work, and feel-good Christian sayings, such as, “Jesus Loves You!” and, “The Lord is my Shepard.” Compared to these common comforts of our faith, this one piece of Scripture seems to release an entirely different sensation, and out of a sea of emotions rises the passionate determination of a soldier going to war.


Pulling the card from its cozy spot, I tap my pointer finger over each word as if to add emphasis as my mind drinks the meaning. All I can think is how much I love God’s Word! Total perfection, timeless wisdom, complete in compilation, and utterly mind blowing! It is there, in the Bible, that we take in our beginning, we are guided through our present, and prepared for a future. It is there we learn of God’s unconditional love, our persistent disobedience, and His forgiveness that leads to our promised victory. The more you read, the more you want. The more you want, the more you learn. The more you learn, the deeper your understanding. And as you dive into the rich text and swim around in the depths of knowledge, a whole new realm begins to reveal itself. You start to observe how piece by piece the fascinating facade of this world and the life we live is vigilantly dismantled, exposing the truth and reality of our short stay on this earth. What may seem depressing is actually the secret to our freedom. God provides the key to the shackles that bind us to the boundaries of space and time. Set free we can truly rise above and take in the spectacular view that our Father wants to share with us. This is the ultimate read where you are rewarded over and over by a big reveal that is miraculously customized for every moment in time.


It’s amazing how one verse has the power to open the flood gate of comprehension and literally I am sky rocketed to a place where I am defying the gravitational pull of the heavy circumstances that fight to weigh me down. It’s with Peter’s admonition I am reminded to take this seriously! As a persistent seeker of wisdom and understanding, I am always being trained. I cling to the gift of life given to me by my Savior, Jesus Christ. Awareness of His presence is a daily necessity and with focused determination I take flight knowing that I am clothed in His armor, prepared for any turbulence that may threaten my destination. I have surrendered to my Father’s plan, set out on the course that Jesus paved, and now I will soar with the Spirit beneath my wings. Pray for me!


With one last look at the verse on the index card, feeling exhilarated by the trip it took me on, I decide to read it out loud before putting it back in its place:

“Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8”


- T.S. 

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It’s NOT About You!

What if I said, it’s not just the truth that you’re told;
That there’s a secret to living where a new realm will unfold?

What if I said, knowing Jesus is just the start;
That to truly experience life, you need to also do your part?

What if I said, it is not about you;
That your eyes need to see a much broader view?

What if I said, I dare you to try;
To think not of yourself, but the stranger passing by?

Now pay attention and watch, for there’s so much you’ll see,
When you change your anthem to, “It’s not about me!”

Your focus will shift and your thoughts will be new.
You’ll see all, as God’s children, and wonder, “What can I do?”

Unfolding before you is a new sense to explore.
Without even thinking, you’re observing much more.

You can feel the lost souls and the ache in their hearts.
You read the fine lines and analyze all parts.

Each person has their story and you’re longing to know,
What brought them to this place and where will they go?

Drivers and walkers and children at play;
Praying for their souls becomes a habit each day.

The neighbor you saw crying, the lonely and depressed,
Young rebels running wild, the workers who are stressed

Down on your knees, you cry out to the Lord
“May your truth be made known, that they are adored!”

But it doesn’t stop there, much deeper it goes.
Now your smile has meaning, especially among foes.

The look in your eye is gleaming with love.
It sparkles and shines and reflects from above.

Each word that you say is carefully spoken.
A plan to portray our most precious token.

With your focus on Him, it’s Christ you put first.
Now you’re finding the lost and quenching their thirst.

So many extra blessings, with thoughts outward turned;
It’s the mystery to fully living, a priceless lesson learned.

Go! Go now! Your soul’s been set free!
Embrace your cleared vision, and enjoy your destiny!

All for His glory!


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Tug of War



tug of war2

Why do people ask the question

When the answer has always been there

Why do they shut their eyes

But claim that they really do care

Why do they fill their ears with noise

But struggle to hear a word

Why do they shout it’s all about love

When their definition is clearly blurred

What causes this phenomena

A blatant denial of truth

When something that’s so obvious

Is considered so  uncouth


My mind can wrap around it

But my heart continues to break

This behavior has been predicted

But the reality is hard to take

Each day it is battle

A tug of war within

Either rejoicing in His mercy

Or mourning for their sin

The soldier’s win declares “let’s fight”

And dresses in His Armor

So fearless as the passion burns

Marching forward for His honor


But victory often goes awry

And sorrow does prevail

The bleeding heart can take no more

And begs, “Oh, Father, life curtail”

No pain exists more than this

To witness our demise

Upside down and twisted ‘round

A  culture blinded by lies

They say it’s all about me

And pleasing my every whim

Come frolic in the shadows

For it’s my light they plan to dim


To deny the Son, our Savior

To say He is not so

To claim your Word as false

Is a place I WILL NOT go

My allegiance once again proclaimed

With You I stand forever strong

There’s nothing any one can say

That will convince me that I’m wrong

My Father, I, you did create

For life eternal was your plan

With heart surrendered to Jesus Christ

I’m saved by God who came as Man


True Christian torment will go on

‘Til that day does come

The tug of war I will endure

And accept the side that’s won

The secret weapon tightly held

A power greater than I

My hope, my strength, my courageous will

On the Bible I rely

For there is where the truth is told

And God comforts us “don’t fear it”

Embrace the truth of all “I AM”

Your Father, Son and Spirit


Mightier now than ever before

This clay is taking shape

The Potter’s hands so skilled at work

Creates without mistake

My soul has met it’s eternal mate

The Holy Spirit makes me whole

Nothing’s left that I will need

I’m free from burdens toll

Thank you, Lord, oh, once again

You’ve filled me with a fire

I live my life with purpose now

Your Kingdom building I desire!


All For His Glory


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Defying Gravity

It’s gravities pull that holds my body down

My feet firmly held on earth’s shaking ground

Eyes forced to focus on what there is to see

This world’s ghastly scenery that spins in front of me.

Oh, how the heart is tormented by the sight

As the soul aches and longs for the ending to this fight.

But embraced by the truth and caressed by the Spirit

I take comfort in my Father who’s Word declares “DON’T FEAR IT!”

My mind is transported to the heavens above

As the chaos below becomes the reason to love.

It is in this place that I am weightless and free

My thoughts are transformed, my life has clarity.

I may be stuck to this globe, but I’m feeling real high

I’ve discovered the answer and now I know why

It’s with His plan and His purpose I’m alive and I’m living

Floating on the peace and understanding God’s giving

Defy Gravity

Come, take my hand and I’ll show you the way

To turn the pain of your circumstances into good each day

Released from the chains that ties us all down

You’ll escape from the bondage and go where joy is found

It’s two places at once that you will soon be

But it starts at the cross humbled on one knee

Praise be to the Father, our Savior, the Son

Surrendered and emptied with His Spirit you’re one

For He took on the flesh just to sacrifice it all

Beaten and tortured till death made it’s call

His promise of heaven is for belief, that’s the key

With that faith, comes great power, to DEFY GRAVITY!!!


- T.S.

Defying Gravity


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Roller Coaster Ride


In the blink of an eye it will all be over

This rollercoaster ride that goes higher and lower


Each time it goes ‘round our stomachs do flops

We’re high on the hills but we hate when it drops


And just when we think that it might finally end

The darned thing revs up and we begin to ascend


Oh, Lord, do tell, for You are all-knowing

Will this craziness end when we begin slowing?


Or will You shut it all down only when we start calling

Screaming Your name in the middle of falling?


It’s hard not to know what’s coming up next

We’re racking our brains but left quite perplexed


We’re prepared for the bends for what surprises await

But we’re tired and weak and in a vulnerable state


It’s tough to hang on when our belts are all worn

As resistance gets stronger they become torn


Will you press the stop button just when they break

And catch us mid air, is that when you’ll take?


Our Father You are we are singing your song

And we hope and we pray that You wont be too long


So around every corner and down every hill

We will strengthen our belts, hanging on for you still


We will brace and endure these tracks through the night

For Your Son did provide for our soul its own light


Brightly we’ll shine as we are whipped all around

We’ll brighten the night and spread love abound


And when the morning does come and another day starts

We’ll continue this ride with wide open hearts


We’ll fight till the end for Jesus we’ll stay

We’ve surrendered it all to You and Your way


But until that great day, Lord, keep us all strong

So we can live for you Glory leading others who belong


We’ll see You one day in the blink of an eye

And rejoice as Your Kingdom when we meet in the sky


All For Your Glory!

- T.S.   I love you

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Lord, Lead The Way

I do know the truth that through Jesus I’m free

My house is on a hill with its light plain to see

But I’m not immune to this world, nor numb to the pain

My life is affected by the chaos and strain

I hold tight to my faith when the darkness roles in

To avoid inhaling the black and drowning in sin

Oh, how it hurts to live in this place

When what needs to be done is right in your face

The easy way out is to do nothing at all

But I can’t live in denial and ignore wisdom’s call

It’s the effort that’s hard, the first step I must take

For it is only then that for the good God can make

He’s got the power that He attached to my soul

It’s the Spirit of Christ that completes and makes whole

I must focus on this and know I am strong

So that this road I must travel won’t seem so long

I’ve jumped in the car, Lord, let’s make a deal

I’ll put on the gas if you take the wheel

I’m ready to go, so please lead me each day

Keep me humble in spirit so it all goes Your way

How amazing to know that You hear every word

And Your vision is clear when mine is all blurred

I’m human and flawed, and you love me this way

It’s Your Son that you see for my life He did pay

When I think about that, my problems seem small

They’re put into perspective and don’t seem hard at all

Wow, Lord, how do you do it?

You always open my eyes and you get me through it

When this journey is over and I’m home with You, Father

I will rejoice in Your plan every blessing and bother

I go know to face another day as a wife

Strengthened and renewed by Your Spirit of Life

It’s the good and the bad that makes up my story

But I write it each day living all for Your Glory!


- T.S. I love you

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Discover your soul mate!

soul mate

Do you believe in soul mates?  Is there one person out there that you are meant to be with?  I would like to believe that I married that person.  But after 14 years, two kids, and all the trials and tribulations that go along with that, it has been my spiritual growth and understanding of the truth of this world that has led me to the realization that my husband is not my soul mate.  That may sound harsh, but the truth of the matter is that there really is no one person on this earth that can truly satisfy your soul.  My husband is my partner for life!  I CHOOSE to love him through the good, the bad, and even the very ugly.  Love is an action that takes effort; the more effort you put forth the greater the reward.  But, my husband has never been able to provide me with a feeling of total satisfaction, purpose, or the security that we all long for.  It is impossible for another human being to complete you.  If you are looking to someone else to satisfy a need or just expecting the hole inside you to be filled, you are setting yourself up for failure.  It’s never gonna happen!  Sorry if that’s depressing, but keep reading, ‘cause there is GOOD NEWS that comes out of this.

I am 40 and I have finally discovered who my soul mate truly is.  I received Him long ago when I was a child but never truly understood the part He plays in my life until now.  When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I was actually providing my soul with it’s mate.  It’s God, the Holy Spirit, that lives in me that completes me; that fills the hole; that provides unconditional love, security, protection, guidance, and understanding.  Jesus tells us in John 14:26 “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit – The Father will send Him in My name – will teach you all things and remind you everything I have told you.” The Holy Spirit gives me life now and for eternity.  What’s funny to me is that all these things I am discovering now have been written in the Bible, the Word of God, all along, just waiting to be taken seriously.  How stupid are we that we ignore the one place that truly has all the answers and instead, we look to broken, imperfect people to fix us.  It’s a shame that this miraculous, one-of-a-kind, life-changing, Divine book, written by our Creator, is overlooked by most people.  If only everyone understood that our Heavenly Father made sure everything we needed to know about this world we live in, about where we came from, and where we are going, was in His Word all so that we could have abundant life here and then live eternally in Heaven with Him.  He loves us and has provided all the answers.  He solved the problem of sin and brokenness.  And the best part is that He did not leave us powerless in this world.  He left His Spirit to live in us and make us whole and new.  Titus 3:5 says, “He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit.” Ephesians 1:13 says, “…when you believed, you were marked in Him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.” This is good news!  We are saved! Saved from this world and saved from ourselves.

My friends, I can’t express this enough; PLEASE accept the truth, discover you soul mate, and live to the fullest. Just as the body needs the mind to be complete and whole, the soul needs the Spirit.  Let the Holy Spirit satisfy your soul! Embrace all of who God is; our Father the creator, Jesus our savior, and the Holy Spirit our comforter!  This is true love!  Do this and find the peace and satisfaction that we all are so desperately looking for.

I leave you with Paul’s prayer for spiritual power:

Ephesians 3:14-21

“For this reason I kneel before the Father from whom every family

in heaven and on earth is named.  I pray that He may grant you,

according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with the power in

the inner man through His Spirit, and that the Messiah may dwell in your

hearts through faith.  I pray that you, being rooted and firmly established

in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the length

and width, height and depth of God’s love, and to know the Messiah’s love

that surpasses knowledge, so you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask of think

according to the power that works in us – to Him be glory in the church and

in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.”


T.S.    I love you

Phil 1:21

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