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Scrap PC and go BC!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on March 25, 2011

Just a thought, here……my opinion is that Politcal Correctness will be our demise, but the way to prosperity and life worth living is Biblical Correctness. Today, to be politically correct is to be tolerant of others to the point of not offending anyone with your own opinions or beliefs.  If it’s all about tolerance, why are these very same people crying about being offended by the things in this world that are contrary to their beliefs?  To be Biblically correct is to love others the way you love yourself; of course, that comes after loving God first and foremost.  Wouldn’t that solve all the problems?   True Christians love, but at the same time they stand for truth.  Just because others don’t believe or may live their life differently doesn’t give Christians the excuse to hate, it should just give them a bigger reason to continue to spread the Gospel.  Love the lost!

Do I satisfy the ones around me or do I satisfy God’s expectations of me?  I choose the later.  God determines my destiny.

Go BC!!!!

2 Responses to Scrap PC and go BC!

  1. Donna Nicholas

    You are amazing! You are a wonderful writer. I am so blessed by your strong faith and clear testimony. Keep writing. You have real talent.
    Aunt Donna

    • Administrator

      Aunt Donna,
      Wow, thanks so much for the kind words. You have no idea how much I appreciate them. God is helping me work on my confidence level and reading you and Uncle David’s comments truly help. I just want to make myself available and the rest is up to our Father. Curious to see His plans. If not for His glory, then there’s no joy.
      All my love!

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