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Let’s play in the “SON”

Posted by Soldier for Christ on March 26, 2011

On February 13th, 2011, church service was amazing and inspiring. Here’s how God spoke to me that day:  A real relationship with Christ causes big changes to your life. You are put in situations outside of your comfort zone. And if your not in that uncomfortable place yet, then you are at least drawn to those places in spirit but are fighting it with the flesh. Your plans for yourself and your family change. It becomes about planning for your future in eternity, for our future here is of limited time. This close relationship opens our eyes and enlightens us of what’s important. The clouds have split, revealing the bright warm sun shining down on you. Aaaahhhh, how we love the sun!!! It seems to make everything ok. It’s heat and energy fills us with new life and drives us to get out and play, to soak it up, to see the world, to smile. The sun casts a glow on all things that awakens our senses to the glorious colors and smells and sounds of all God’s creations that surround us. That’s what a true relationship with Jesus does. He is the “SUN” of God. What a great and amazing realization. Find salvation under the SON, let it fill you with truth and let it be your source of eternal life. Because without the sun there is no life, right? Come play in the SON with me!!! Let’s go places we’ve never been. Let’s get out of our comfort zone. Let’s see all the wonderful things that God’s got in store for us. Let’s get pumped and excited about being in the “SUN” and exploring! I’m ready!

I declare it summertime and I’m raring to go!!!  Where to, God?




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