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Mixology 101

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 4, 2011

What is the one ingredient that is consistent in all cocktails? It’s the ingredient that if left out completely defeats the purpose for having the cocktail. It’s the ingredient that makes you feel so good, until the next day, that is. And, boy, it gets mixed with everything, cause you just can’t have fun without it. You know the answer.

Well, this is my class and I have a better ingredient. It’s the one ingredient that should be consistent in every area of your life. It’s the ingredient that if left out completely defeats the purpose for living. It’s the only ingredient that makes you feel good all the time. And, boy, without it, there’s just no joy.  God!  Below I’ve included some recipes for you to try.

The Workaholic – Add 3 parts God to 1 part work, shake, and enjoy the success.

The Lovealot Martini – Add 3 parts God to 1 part relationship, stir, add two straws, and sip slowly taking in the sweet aroma.

The Kidcredible Smoothie – Add  3 parts God to 1 part child, blend for a cool delight.

The Joyorama Shot (my personal favorite) – Add 3 parts God to 1 part heart, shoot it, feel the joy as it goes down and the peace when it hits the stomach. Warning: so strong it causes everlasting life.

Every area of your life is a mixer. Just mix it all. Be consistent and add God to everything. You won’t regret it. He’s nontoxic, organic, fat free, and good for your health. He is the best ingredient you could ever add to your life.  And He comes with a  guarantee.

***100% satisfied or your money back….oh, wait, He’s available for free and He’s waiting.

What are you waiting for?

2 Responses to Mixology 101

  1. Chuck

    The ONE TRUE mix….
    HE is the Master blend
    Drink of Him and never thirst again

  2. dave


    More of God and less of me!
    3 parts God…..1 part you…..

    Love to see the Lord working in your life!!!


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