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Christian Warfare

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 5, 2011


As Christians we fight an invisible war

Battles fought daily with ambushes galore

The enemy is ruthless, the devil not seen

He places his demons with intent that’s so keen

I feel it around me, I am not unaware

These forces are evil and attack without care

He’s behind every corner so don’t be surprised

He knows what you like and suitably disguised

Lured in by temptation, you fall for his trick

How can something this good make you feel so sick

Remember we’re human with blemishes and flaws

It’s our imperfect nature that resists moral laws

As believers in Christ with passionate love

We’ve surrendered our souls to our Father above

With Bible in hand I prayerfully start

I’m reading God’s Word with a wide open heart

So what can we do, is there a fix

Let’s go to Ephesians, it’s in chapter six

In verse ten through eighteen, the answer is there

It’s full of instructions so read it with care

It’s hear I’m reminded God has all the power

And what needs to be done so Satan will cower

Be strengthened by the Lord and dress in His armor

This is your protection from the dark evil charmer

Each piece has it’s purpose so act now in haste

Start with the Truth as a belt around your waist

It’s righteousness next that we need for the test

So make it the breastplate that covers the chest

The Gospel of Peace, that we need too

Sandaled with readiness for each foot there’s a shoe

Your faith is important and acts as a shield

Extinguishing flaming arrows to which we’ll not yield

It’s the gift of salvation why Jesus was dead

Never forget this, let it helmet your head

The weapon of choice is the sword of the Spirit

This is speaking God’s words so evil can hear it

Last but not least at all times do pray

Stay alert with perseverance so to conquer each day

God’s made it real clear these truths we are told

Stay fixed on these verses, be courageous and bold

The end is foreseen, it’s written in the stars

The Almighty declares that victory is ours!!!!


All for His Glory
- T.S. 2010



6 Responses to Christian Warfare

  1. Linda

    Just wrote a comment hit enter and it disappeared, sorry if this is a duplicate :)
    Yes ! I am still reading and rereading your incredible work! Thank you for sharing this incredible gift!! I copied and sent this to a struggling parent just today <3

  2. Jacki Moore

    I keep goiong back to re reading this. I just love it. Thanks.

  3. extruded aluminium

    Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post.

  4. Chuck

    Love this poem. thanks for sharing.

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