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Who’s your Daddy? (part 1)

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 11, 2011
God's Embrace

Our Father's Embrace


Wanna know what really makes me trip?  If you said no, sorry, cause I’m gonna tell you anyways.  I guess that’s the great thing about blogging, I get to write about whatever I want!  Of course it’s up to you if you want to read. : )  It’s the relationship between God and man that has me trippin out.  It has been so apparent in my life recently and makes so much sense that I had to write about it.  This understanding is what causes the flood gates of my emotions to burst.  I get a vacuum like sensation inside my chest. It’s like I’m being hugged on the inside. This is my reality. It’s the awareness of God’s works all around us. This is what this world is all about. It’s the undeniable, unmistakable, unquestionable, absolutely amazing truth that is explained to us in His Word.  What’s hard to do is read the stories of God’s relationships with characters in the Bible and realize those characters were real people and that God is available to us that same way.  Those are not just stories, but true historical examples, evidence, and declarations of His love and dedication to His children.   If people could just get past themselves and the idea they have in their heads as to what they THINK God is about, and just read the Bible or hear the Word with an open heart and mind, seeking the truth, they would be blown away.  It’s so simple that it’s almost a concept we can’t fully grasp……….almost.

I’m going to break it down the way I process it in my mind.  I have a few comparisons that we all can relate to.  Today I will give only one.

Here’s the first example of what I know God’s love and expectations are for us.  It is the relationship of a parent and child.  Duh…..right? He is our Heavenly Father. But don’t just call Him that, think about what that means.

I am a child of two loving parents. I am also a loving parent of two children. Because of this I understand the relationship on both sides. When I was young I believed everything my parents’ told me and had no reason to not trust them. It didn’t always make sense to me, but why would I question…..they love me and want the best for me and certainly know more than I do. One example of this was the mystery of my birth. I knew that I came from my mommy’s tummy and that they made me, because that’s what they told me. Could I at that young age fathom it? NOOOOO. To me that was impossible! What do you mean? How did you make me? How did I get in there? How did I get OUT?  Well, just because I couldn’t get it and had lots of questions, didn’t mean that I thought it wasn’t true or that I didn’t trust or believe them.  I just wanted to know all the details.  Trust is the character trait of a child that we all need to have; aka, faith. We are all children of God.  Just because as adults we don’t have all the details that we want doesn’t mean it’s not true or that we shouldn’t trust. He’s our Heavenly Father; let’s trust in Him, it just makes sense, doesn’t it?

As a child you depend on your parents. You go to them for support, love, encouragement, instruction, guidance, protection, advise, discipline, comfort, reassurance, validation, structure and so much more. You rely on them for all of this, not because they offered convincing evidence that they were really your parents or that they could provide, but because you have faith in them. You know they love you. It’s that simple. Let God be your parent, you wont regret it.  Unlike all the other parents out there God is perfect.

As the parent you expect your child to depend on you.  You expect your child to trust you.  Your desire is to always fulfill their needs, so long as they let you.  So, Let God!

I know this must make sense because you can relate to either the parent, the child, or both. It is the nature of things in this world. You see this relational dynamic in everything. It is the complete cycle of love and few rarely feel whole without it. We have an inner desire to love our parents and children even when circumstances interfere. It is human nature to love, and God is the originator and the source. Love is not just a feeling; more importantly love is an action. What do you consider to be love?

Jesus demonstrated perfect love. Follow His example and put it to the test….I dare you!!!

-  T.S.


One Response to Who’s your Daddy? (part 1)

  1. John Nicholas

    Great analogy, thanks for the fix today :-)

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