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Who’s your Daddy? (part 2)

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 12, 2011

Now, being married for 12 years and having two children I am fully aware of how to make a baby. But this time as the parent, faced with the same questions from my kids, I realize that out of love you want to edit your answers to these kinds of questions in a way that protects them from something they may have a hard time understanding. My son went on for months questioning me about how you make and have a baby. He knew it took a mommy and daddy and that the doctor took the baby out of mommy’s tummy, but as he got older he had more questions. Little by little more is revealed to him as I feel he can understand. I have chosen not to explain everything in detail, he is only nine and I think that’s a little young for the birds and the bees discussion, but I’ve explained enough to satisfy his curiosity for now. He has never told me that he does not believe what I am telling him or that because he doesn’t understand that it must not be true. One day I know all will be revealed to him.

I love my kids and only want what’s best. I fully expect them to trust me and rely on me for their needs, even if I don’t explain myself all the time. They know that sometimes mommy is hard on them and I don’t always allow them something they really want, but I try to explain that it’s for there benefit. Does it change there desire for it? No. Do they continue to ask? Yes. But as a parent, if I allowed them to eat candy every day for every meal just because it made them happy, I would be considered irresponsible and my kids would probably be disappointed with me for allowing there teeth to rot out when they trusted me to take care of them. I love my children unconditionally, but does that mean I don’t discipline or scold them? And what’s funny is that kids seem to be more loving and affectionate after the lesson is learned.  They never seem to hate me for it.  Interesting, isn’t it?

Kids are smart enough to know that you listen to your parents. They also know that I am always here for them. In their eyes the parents can do anything.  They even have eyes in the back of their heads.  “How do you do that?” they ask.  “Mommy and Daddy know everything.”  We are their heroes.  We are the ones they look up to.  We are their role models.  And we like that; we want that; we expect that.  Parenting is a tough job.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and will ever do.  It’s a life long job, and you don’t get paid for it. It’s filled with the greatest joy and the worst pain.  But, is there any greater love than that of a parent for their child?  NO, there isn’t.  Ask anyone with kids.  Well, that love that we parents feel for our children, is the love God feels for us.

Let me ask you this: Can we love our children if they deny us? The feeling, yes; but the action, no.  We can love them in our hearts but we would be dealing with the pain of rejection.  A parents’ love is more than just a feeling.  We long to be there, to help, to provide whatever they need.  We want an active role in their lives.  We want to guide and support them.  We want to communicate, chit chat, be friends. We WANT them unconditionally.  But, is that possible if they reject us?  There are many kids who have completely separated themselves from their parents.  I couldn’t imagine.  It would absolutely kill me if my child disowned me and denied every bit of love I had for them. I would no longer be able to protect them or help them or share with them. It would break my heart.  But it was their choice.  They have free will to choose their own path, but I would continually try to reach them and tell them I love them and to please not turn away from me.

Don’t reject your Father’s love.  Believe in His Word!!  Believe in His Son!! Believe in your Father!!!

Very soon all our questions will be answered and all will be revealed.

Make the right choice…….today!!!!

- T.S.

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