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Who’s your Daddy? (part 3)

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 14, 2011

If you had a child, but were not capable of having a physical relationship with that child, how would you communicate with them? Let’s say you knew you were going to die before your child was born, so you decide to write a book telling your child all about yourself and about where they came from.  You would express your great love for them validating it through the story of your sacrifice you made just for them.  From cover to cover it would be chock full of examples, stories, lessons, hope, inspiration, and of all the things you knew they needed for encouragement.   Being a good parent, this instruction manual for the best life possible would also include admonishments and reminders, wanting to be sure to protect them and open their eyes to the things in this world that would take them down the wrong path or cause them harm.  You would carefully caution of the consequences of not obeying or believing in your words and forewarn them of haters that may want to deceive them and convince them that their father never existed.  This book would be filled with everything you believed your child needed to know, wanting so desperately to teach them lessons and guide them in the right direction, all while reassuring them with your promise of great rewards to applying your wisdom to their life.  Everything you write is out of love, and you know that to love is to be honest and truthful.  What a lucky child to have a parent that cared so much that they wanted to write everything down for them to always have, not just to express their love, but to give them valuable advise on how to live life to it’s fullest potential.

Now, you’ve done all this and trust that your child will love and appreciate and cherish this book, right?  Well, no, maybe not. What if your child decides not to believe a single word of it and completely denies your existence? Ouch! What can you do then? You can’t help them or save them from the things that you know will hurt them if they don’t believe what you wrote.  The pain of knowing that you left your beloved child all the answers to truly be happy and they completely reject it must be excruciating.  Your heart aches with the hope that one day they will come around and truly embrace this gift you left them.  Of course, because you love them unconditionally, you patiently wait, ready to embrace them with your words once they come to realize who you really are and what you wrote for them about their life is true.  Once this happens, you bask in the joy of knowing they take your instruction and wisdom seriously and they are living the life you had always planned for them.  As a parent your joy becomes overwhelming when you see the truth finally seep in and love and peace consumes their heart.  They believe!  And best of all, they have the security of not just knowing the truth, but feeling the truth; YOU ARE REAL!!!

How must God our Father feel when His children reject the book He wrote for us? My heart hurts for Him.  My heart hurts for those who are missing out on His love.

Don’t reject your Father’s gift.  It’s the Bible.  He wrote it for you because He loves you.  Open it, read it, learn from it, and let it live in you.

My Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for the book you wrote for me. In the Bible Your words of wisdom, your promises, your sacrifice, and your love pour off the pages and into my heart.  How blessed are we who believe, love, and trust in your son Jesus Christ.  I humbly and gratefully accept the gift of the Holy Spirit and asked to be filled and lead daily, living for your glory…..Amen!

- T.S.

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