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Who’s your Daddy? (part 4)

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 15, 2011

I know that when I think about my parents and the sacrifices they made for me, I get very emotional; most people do. I am thankful for those sacrifices and realize the impact they made on my life. They did it for me because they love me and want me to succeed. I also know that if I denied it all and convinced myself that my parents didn’t really sacrifice anything for me and I just lived a selfish life as if I did it all on my own, I would crush my parents, as well as probably be a very disliked person with little to offer others.

As a parent I think about the ways I would sacrifice for my child.  I know that I would do whatever I needed to keep them safe, even jump in front of a bullet.  Let’s say my child committed a crime where the punishment was death. Out of desperate love I would do whatever it took to save him from that. I may even confess to the crime myself and take on the punishment for that crime just to save his life. Now, if he denies what I have done for him and convinces everyone that I didn’t really take his place and pay for his crime, then what happens to him? Does he also then receive punishment for his crime? Do we both pay for it then. Was my sacrifice for nothing? All he had to do was just accept it and know it in his heart that I loved him that much! He could have been grateful and continued to live a life worthy of saving, always appreciating what I had done. Which would you want your child to do. Would it hurt if they denied your sacrifice? How painful would it be if you had to watch him suffer after you already suffered for him, all because of his inability to accept the truth.

Now, that’s a sad story, but one that is played out by billions of people who have completely denied Jesus as their savior. Don’t you think that as a parent who would do anything to protect your child that Our Father in Heaven would do the same? He loves His children that much!!!! Isn’t that something to rejoice in?  He wanted us so badly He took the punishment so that we may have enternal life with Him.  And if all it takes is to believe something that wonderful, why are there so many nonbelievers?  I just don’t get it!  Receive His gift gratefully!  He suffered for you.  We are truly loved and God wants us to know that.

Now, you were not an accident!!!!! And we didn’t come from nothing only to end up as nothing.  How depressing that would be.  Every single one of us was created on purpose with a purpose; so forget all the crap out there and take responsibility for yourself. Stop worrying about what others think and figure these things out.  Accept you Father’s love! Know Jesus Christ as the Son and your Savior.  Allow the Holy Spirit to live in you.  Let His words and promises fill you up with peace, joy, and excitement.  Discover how truth can transform your life.  It feels good to know that this isn’t all there is and that the perfect life we all long for now will be a reality in Heaven.  It’s not dumb to believe; it’s dumb to not believe.  I‘m telling you, you wont regret it.  Life is about love, real love, God’s love!

I know who my Daddy is!  Do you?

Oh, one more thing: (as if you haven’t read enough : / ) From the beginning of time to today you can see these examples over and over again.  It’s the creator and the creation, the cycle of life in all things; not just humans.  When you can see a pattern it makes sense. I have yet to see a cycle or pattern with evolution.  I have yet to see or learn of anyone making sense of evolution.  Just food for thought.  Hope you were hungry….. : )

2 Responses to Who’s your Daddy? (part 4)

  1. Dave Nicholas (AKA Uncle David)

    Hey, Taci: You have an incredible way of conveying the Gospel with down to earth, real-life illustrations. I know someone else who did something similar . . . His name is Jesus!

    Great job! God is going to use this gift. Keep it up.

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