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Busten My Rhyme……yo

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 26, 2011

Keepin’ it real cause I aint no preacha.
Rollin’ like I feel, it’s my actions that’ll teach ya.

Don’t need no bling when livin’ it large.
Stressin’ bout nothin’ when the King’s in charge.

Almost forty and bustin’ like a gangster.
God’s got my back, says, “I aint gonna waste her.”

You be throwin’ out the smack, I be learnin’ not to care.
Don’t be hatin’ on my humor, it’s how I like to share.

I be lackin’ in the skill, so I won’t sing to you.
But I’d be mackin’ on a mic if I could rap like my nephew.

Cribbin’ like a renter, no cash in my bed.
Paycheck to paycheck is how I role instead.

Be a sharp investor, don’t save up for today.
True riches are in Heaven, in a mansion I will stay.

Deaths around the corner, so watcha gonna do?
Your things aint goin’ which ya, they be goin’ to your boo.

Carin for your neighbor, that’s the decent thing to do.
But lovin on your hater is a must for me and you.

So follow His example, if you wanna strike it rich.
Jesus was the master, He had swag and perfect pitch.

This rebel is our Savior, so drop down to your knees.
Pray for your forgiveness, beggin’, pleadin’…..please.

While skippin’ on this globe, I be followin’ my Leader.
Washin’ in His word, it be makin me a reader.

Call me the soldier, cause I be fightin’ for our Creator.
Hear what I done told ya, or be grettin’ on it later.

Ya know, God’s been grippin’……He be grippin’ on your roof!
So, let’s start Trippin’……Trippin’ on the truth!

I be Trippin’……

3 Responses to Busten My Rhyme……yo

  1. Dave Nicholas

    Call me a soldier cause I been fight’n for da Lord,
    Hear what I just told ya and don’t be gett’in bored.

  2. Tbfranco

    Haha Mady loved this and said it gave her memories of the infamous “camp rap” Aunt Taci is defiantly an O.S.F.C.G.

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