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Danger! Danger!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 27, 2011
WARNING: Radical    Aptitude    Justification

Protect yourself from contracting this seemingly harmless way of thinking.  Basically it’s the belief that one is too smart to be convinced without proper evidence, therefore justifing their opinion of Christianity.  It is quite dangerous and has the potential to destroy the innocent. Too much of a good thing such as intelligence can sometimes lead to over analyzing, inhibiting spiritual growth; thereby holding you back from truly enjoying life’s full potential. Learn to trust in what feels right, not what sounds right. Practice this and be released from the chains of intellectual conformity. It’s the brain power that holds you back. Humbling one’s self before a creator reaching far beyond our comprehension is often times misrepresented as being ignorant and naive, when in actuality this conclusion comes from a shrewd assessment that is all inclusive. For the truth seeker, ideas thought to be based strictly on blind faith become a reality that is quite apparent. This discovery evokes a sense of peace and satisfaction, whereas the lack of these feelings is what initiated the search to begin with; thus the realization that they have uncovered the truth. So back to my original point; it is the feeling that ultimately solidifies the answers to our questions.

My advise to my beloved, non-believing, intellectually gifted friends:

1. Start over, desiring truth more than knowledge.

2. Seek out confirmation, not contradiction.

3. Understand the Bible as a whole and the divine nature of the writings. It goes far beyond the words you read.  Be amazed by the 66 books and 40 authors that are interconnected by not only subject and story line, but by prophecies, codes, and numbers. 

4. Re-evaluate your understanding of creation vs. evolution. If we evolved, how do you tie it all together? Where is the cohesiveness that you get when you come from a creator-and-the-creation standpoint? There is a cycle of reproduction and relationship to and in all living things.

5. Most of all, remember there is only one truth. Identifying with nothing is a cop out and shows a fear of judgment.

But what do I know? Go, seek, and discover!!!! I will be praying the truth will find you and set you free, my friend!

Just a thought…… : )

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