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Posted by Soldier for Christ on May 2, 2011
I’ve heard the truth. I’ve been taught the truth. I’ve read the truth. I’ve accepted the truth. I am undeniably feeling the truth and I live life knowing it. The question is, what am I doing with the truth? What are my responsibilities as a believer in Christ? Is this information that is so vital for my own life something I should just keep to myself? What are God’s expectations of me? What does He want me to do with this gift of understanding and discerning between what is true and what is false? In my desire to please my Father these questions frequent my thoughts almost daily. It’s like I’m always in a rush to figure it out so I can get on with it. Why? What is it inside me that makes me feel like just knowing the truth isn’t enough? Why do passionate believers become so energetic about spreading knowledge and understanding? Why do I feel such an urgency to expose the true identity of Christ to those who may not know? It really doesn’t make sense to feel this way if what I feel is not true. It’s our human nature to really only care about ourselves. What do I have to gain by expressing my beliefs, especially when I don‘t have a resume of personal research and study to back my words? It is said that truth does not have an agenda. Does this truth have an agenda? Heck, yeah!!!! To save souls! To find the lost. To grant sight to the blind. To bring peace to the stressed. To give joy to the sad. To make purpose out of monotony. To motivate the stuck. To forgive the guilty. To expose the lies. To shine light in the dark. To hand hope to the weary. To rejuvenate the tired. To provide life after death. To ensure our Father gets to spend eternity with His precious children! Now that’s a big agenda! But it’s not mine, it’s God’s. So if I already believe and I know I’m going to heaven, why go out of my way? Is this benefiting me in a way that brings about the stereotypical self gratification of recognition and wealth? No, and that is not what I seek. I am not after acceptance or adoration by anyone other than my Creator. Although, it has been a challenge to muster up the courage to even write about it. I am normal in my fear of judgment, but my passion helps me overcome it. Why would I want to make myself look like a religious fanatic? Just as the disciples ran away and hid after the death of Jesus, why wouldn’t I hide away in my own beliefs? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, right? Who am I to judge? Why not just believe and not care about everyone else’s beliefs? That would be so much easier! Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples, as well as known nonbelievers who then went forward with passion and preached the truth without fear of judgment or death. Many died for being believers because they were not willing to deny something they knew for a fact was true. Is this what drives me and many out there who are just as passionate to continue to have a voice? Does the Holy Spirit work this way? He must, because it’s just not normal to put yourself out there to be eaten by the wolves. I believe this feeling is rooted by the Holy Spirit in all believers. Everyone of us has a desire to spread this good news for no other reason than the fact that truth is what everyone seeks. I am not a liar and I am not prideful. I don’t have to prove I’m right by convincing others. That is not the goal; in fact, it is not about me at all. I am driven by something beyond my own ambitions. I am not able because of my abilities, but because of my availability to my Father in Heaven. If you think I can write, you think wrong. God can write, not me. I’m just a loving, willing vessel waiting and obeying. I cry at what I read when my fingers stop moving amazed at what God is teaching me. So, please, don’t give me the credit for anything other than my love for my Lord and Savior. It is because of my love and devotion to Him that I love YOU enough to want to tell you the truth. I’m not settling with just MY salvation. For Jesus was sent to save us all!
I send this out to cyberspace with total conviction in what is written and rely on it to hold me accountable.

5 Responses to WHY?????

  1. Dave Nicholas

    Very insightful and powerfully convicting! Phil. 4:1

  2. John

    Always a great read. Thank you!

  3. Tonya Moreno

    Thumbs up! You go sissy…. thanks for the inspiration.

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