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Point Taken

Posted by Soldier for Christ on May 4, 2011
While I quietly continue typing words professing my faith in Jesus Christ, I pray they speak loudly to the minds and hearts of the reader. Although I know my most powerful tool in my desire to witness comes not from the volume of my voice but from the echoes of my character. It’s with this that truth screams out with great influential power. Asking for the Holy Spirit to take up residence within me I allow the coveted traits to inhabit my actions, but must remain diligent in my desire to evict the ugly behavior out from it’s persistent dwelling place of my human nature. It’s a fight for the right to the deed of my existence. Will good ever inherit complete ownership? No. I don’t ever expect to become perfect and if I did I would be denying the reason for Christ’s existence. But, I’m seeing less and less of the evil tenant. I completely understand that it’s the energy of my presence that preaches the convictions of my beliefs louder than the wisdom and knowledge spouted from my mouth.
Daily I have intentions of writing about my personal experiences with being a wife and a mother, not to mention all the other relationship roles one possesses in there lifetime. So often I see the great works of the Almighty in the unraveling of events that surround me. But each time I sit to express the examples of God’s hand in the outcome I am lead in another direction. It is becoming clear to me that what gets posted isn’t always what I had intended for that day. I am very much aware of His ability to accomplish His goals through a willing soul, but am surprised that the material being written is in fact lessons intended for the writer. In reading the first paragraph of this post I realize that before I share my own experiences as a person of great faith and how it’s impacted my life, I am to first continue to work on MY behavior. It would seem that perhaps it’s my character that God is more interested in right now rather than my testimony.
Wow! I have to tell you, I had know idea where this was going when I sat at my computer and am shocked at the revelation. Today I have learned it will be the nurturing of my character and not the nature of my words that will have the most impact on the ones around me. I welcome this reminder that awakens the importance of the old, tired, four-word saying “practice what you preach.” It’s funny how that sums it all up. Just goes to show that the old and the tired are the wisest and it would probably benefit us to go back to our roots to find the answers. Revisiting this phrase from the past, I am encouraged to go forward with a promise for my future; to be an example of true Christianity. And, if there are any who proclaim admiration let it be known it is the character of my faith they admire. It is these traits exemplified through God’s Word, Christ‘s life, and His suffering that ultimately owns the rights to all the glory.
Point taken. You truly amaze me, God! I pray not to let you down.
Who knows what tomorrow brings? Obviously not I.

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