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Mission accomplished!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on May 19, 2011

What a trip!   Did I set myself up or was God preparing me?

It’s been just about two weeks since my last post and it isn’t because I didn’t want to write. I have written, but nothing I felt was worthy of posting. Was this me in a funk, or was it God’s plan to have this post be next? My last one was about me realizing that my behavior and my character traits are a greater testimony, having much more impact than just the words I slap down on this site. I had decided to really focus on the traits that a true believer in Christ should be demonstrating to the world around us, making sure that I was always practicing what I was preaching. We all know that our actions speak much louder than our words, so it was time for me to “check myself, before I wrecked myself”. That’s a phrase my son was taught in school and I think it’s great. Basically think before you act. Little did I know that in the week to follow I would be tested on this very thing. The mind twister of it all is that I can look at it and try to understand it in two different ways, but really it’s the end result that has me trippin’.

Here’s the deal, the truth is Satan exists, and he has the ability to work evil through unsuspecting beings who have made themselves vulnerable. My pastor has talked many times on how Satan attacks with greater determination those that are focused on loving and living for his archenemy, God. His greatest weapon, I believe, is the tongue and with it he will try and discourage you in every way possible. Once he has planted that seed, he sits and watches as it begins to tare apart the very thing he went after. Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now, but that’s ok. I am certain that whether you believe this or not there’s an opportunity to grow through this story.

Well, I had an unfortunate meeting face to face with Mr. Evil himself who took on the disguise of a trusted loved one. Without getting into too many personal details, I will tell you that the darts thrown my way were done so with great calculation aiming for the very things that define me and bring me the most joy and fulfillment. My faith, my love of Christ, my passion to write about it, my longing to learn more, and my belief in God’s word were all attacked with such force that during the first few hours of reflection on the incident I felt discouraged enough to pull back from these very things wondering if there was a way for me to squelch out the passionate fire that burns inside of me. The attack was so masterfully executed that I was really considering changing, thinking this was what this loved one wanted. During this confrontation I was smart enough to just take it and not react in a negative way knowing that arguing gets you nowhere when there are foreign influences at the controls.

It seems to always be in the darkness of night that evil likes to rear it’s ugly head and make it’s most grand appearances. Thankfully, night only last so long and soon our eyes open to the greeting of the bright warm sunlight that God has provided us. Suddenly things don’t look so bad and you can see more clearly the reality of the night before. When you love and accept who Christ truly is you are given the ability to see God’s works in your life. You are able to hear him speak to you through the means he chooses. My precious Heavenly Father made sure I heard him. In the beginning hours of this glorious day God, in His ways, completely consoled me and brought me to a place of peace about where the attack had come from. This calmed the impulse to react with the harsh self-preservation defense mechanism that would usually come in to play. Realizing that the responsible party of this personal assault was the devious destroyer of all things good, I was able to resist the desire to place blame, lash out, and get even.

Now, understanding the origin of the hate, I was able to move forward with forgiveness and I was strangely overwhelmed with love and sympathy for the one who was used. These feelings are not common after something like this. I suddenly became empowered and felt as if I had just won a battle. In my mind I was thinking that there was no way I would allow Satan to win. I was not going to give him one bit of satisfaction of thinking that his evil plot gained him any ground whatsoever. What could have lead to the demise of great things in my life actually did the opposite. If any thing, his attempt to discourage and destroy made me and my loved one so much stronger. We are more prepared than ever. And I now know exactly how he works on me and I am not naïve to his deceptions. I gained a new found respect and admiration for the awesome power that comes from faith and trust in God and understand that reliance on Him is imperative. I think that this feeling was mutually felt by the other involved.

Here’s the mind twister:   Was my declaration to nurture my character and work on my behavior the catalyst to this event? Did my sincere desire and prayer to be the best I can be bring about something that would help me to grow exponentially in character and understanding? In other words, did God plan on this to happen knowing it would help me learn? Does He work that way? Well, I think that good traits get stronger by exercising them like a muscle. Was this some sort of a boot camp for my character? It makes me wonder if when I pray for more patience as a mother does God give me more chaos? Am I sabotaging myself? What I wanted was more patience to handle the craziness I already have now, not more craziness to teach me more patience. Is He saying to me “practice makes perfect”? Kinda funny when you think about it.

On the other hand, was this last post that ended in the realization that my energy needed to be focused on my behavior a way for God to prepare me for what He knew was to come? Was He getting me ready by heightening my awareness of my reactions to the not so pleasant? I don’t know. But I do know that regardless of which way it came about, mission accomplished. God was victorious, and His soldier is stronger than ever. I am so pumped up and feel really good about what I have learned and witnessed this last week. I think about it everyday and it totally amazes me that something so negative turned into something so positive. I am absolutely in love with God. He is there with me everyday. And how wonderful it is to feel full of the Holy Spirit. The power that comes from that is irreplaceable!

Congratulation God!! But you already knew the outcome was your victory. I am now prepared for any future attacks and look forward to fighting for my Savior. I am a child of God, and any assault on me is an assault on my Father. He will not have it!

My advise to Satan, “Don’t even bother!”

The lesson in this story is to really think before you react to something discouraging or hurtful. Don’t allow Satan’s evil doings to determine your behavior or destroy the good things in your life. Fighting evil with evil is what he wants. Rising above the negativity is easy when you understand where it’s coming from and the intent behind it.  Doing this releases Satan’s grip and gives you back the power.

This world is like walking in a minefield. As much as we all try to carefully navigate our way through, it is nearly impossible to avoid all the hidden explosives. There is evil and deception swirling about us daily. Just remember that the goodness of truth always wins. What’s on the other side of this death trap is so worth fighting for. Please arm yourself, because I can’t wait to see you there!

****Our secret weapon is living in the Holy Spirit.  If you would like to know how to be fully prepared, go back and read the post called “Christian Warfare”.

God isn’t just good, He’s AMAZING!!!!!

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