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Are you crazy?

Posted by Soldier for Christ on June 2, 2011

QUESTION:  Are you crazy for questioning or are you crazy for not questioning?

Is it possible to be a very optimistic, trusting person that questions a lot? Does that even make sense? It sounds like a contradictory statement. But when you always have God on the brain you can’t help but be full of hope and optimism and at the same time full of a healthy curiosity that drives you to question. Some may think that when you probe, interrogate, examine, or research the things that are brought to your attention you are being skeptical or a little paranoid. We rest in God’s promises and know that we can trust Him to provide and protect. I know that when I am without any contradicting knowledge my assumptions are always positive in nature, but when something smells funny, I don’t just eat it anyways, I make sure it‘s not spoiled. We can call this common sense, discernment, good judgment, whatever you want, but it’s from God and it’s one way He provides and protects. It’s a self-defense mechanism He gives us. So use it.

It’s because we take God’s word seriously and are fascinated by the warnings, prophecies, and explanations of these times and the ones to come we tend to go a little deeper into the happenings, current events, and the direction of the world we live in. We are not drawn to this out of fear of what is to come, but out of pure anticipation. The adrenaline rush I get from being a part of the unraveling of our future that was foretold strengthens my awareness of the importance of staying strong in my faith. We should all be ultra sensitive to the distractions out there and refuse to become vulnerable to the ways of society knowing that true protection comes from a close relationship with Christ. We can sit comfortably in the hands of God while we watch, taking it all in and hopefully helping those whose view may be obstructed.  The darker this world gets the brighter light we should be.

To have lived in the days of Jesus would have been so great, but to possibly live in the days of His second coming would be absolutely amazing. If we happen to be that blessed, we should live in each moment understanding where everything fits in as it all unfolds around us. It’s like a giant puzzle where all the pieces are spread out. You know what the full picture looks like, but it’s fitting the pieces together and seeing it get closer and closer to the final product that is really exciting. It’s hard to just stare at all the crazy shapes and not try to make sense of them. So if there are missing puzzle pieces that are out there wouldn’t you want to know? And if you have to play with crazy thoughts or explore unpopular ideas to uncover some of those pieces, would you? We don’t do it because we want to cause problems or scare people. I do it because it’s thrilling and gets my blood pumping. I think we all love watching the inspired word of God being proven correct prophecy after prophecy.  Each day brings forth more undeniable evidence that the Bible is historically sound and is truly the work of our Creator.  It is so cool. I have no doubt that every word written in the Bible is full of truth, reason, and meaning. It’s just about how deep you want to go. Some people prefer to wade in the shallow end content with the view from there, and that’s ok as long as your eyes remain on the water. God made us all different. Others dive head first into the deep end, swim around, and explore. I want to know it all, see it all, and feel it all. It doesn’t scare me, it exhilarates me.

God wants us to be prepared with our eyes wide open. He wants us to be alive in the moment aware of our surroundings always on guard of the deception that swirls about us beckoning us to believe. Just always remember that the most effective lies are those that are closest to the truth. The ugliness of evil can take on the disguise of good. Keep your head in the game and always study the play book. If something is a little off, then question it and pray. If you’re not sure about the truth, QUESTION IT and pray. God’s got nothing to hide. You will never know the answer if you don’t ask. Don’t just assume, we all know what happens when you do that. ; )

ANSWER:  Crazy for not questioning….at least a little : )

**Stay awake in truth so you don’t fall asleep during the movie. You were meant to play a role and it’s got a really great ending!

2 Responses to Are you crazy?

  1. Carl Painter

    Conducive Isocracy
    Conducive = all parts aligned to a common purpose; manner of conducting one’s life.
    Isocracy = Iso+cracy = equality of power

    I so cracy, You so cracy, let’s all be conducively cracy together, in the power of God’s Love.

  2. Holly Harper

    This is my fave. <3

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