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No Curtains, No Blinds…

Posted by Soldier for Christ on June 6, 2011

I close all the blinds and turn off the lights

I’m  hiding from chaos where evil ignites

Outside is this life, dark and obscure

But behind these two windows I sit so secure

They can’t see inside, I’m hidden from view

Staying away from the masses, I trust just a few

It’s they who know me and what I’m about

But I’m intentionally quiet, not wanting to shout

Not sure why I do this, why I keep it all in

I know I have the answer, He’s the forgiver of sin

My Savior is Jesus and I live in that truth

God is the creator and the Bible is proof

But sitting here safe it’s emptiness I feel

There’s something I’m missing, God, tell me your will


Trust in your Father don’t fear what’s outside

You are my child and your life I will guide

What’s behind those two windows is my weapon of choice

So take down those curtains and start using your voice

My soldier you are, so strong and so bold

This world really needs you to warm up the cold

Christ lives inside you, the Holy Spirit’s within

It’s through those blue eyes you let the example begin

And keep them wide open for I’ll give you the signs

Now throw out those curtains and get rid of those blinds

My word is the light and to shine is the goal

Let it glow bright from the windows of your soul

Expose who you are, share your heart every day

You’ve surrendered your life, now show them the way

Now go, you are ready, I see you are strong

It’s out in the trenches saving lives you belong

For I love you THIS much, and you make me so proud

I’ll come for you soon, so watch for the cloud

7 Responses to No Curtains, No Blinds…

  1. Carrie Bright-Lowery

    Wow! What inspiring words! Taci you are truly blessed with this amazing talent. As I am reading various blogs of yours today I am realizing how it’s so funny and truly amazing to me how God has used my friendships through high school (went to school with your sisters in Happy Camp) to lead me to your blog on this very day, almost 25 years later, to read articles that I needed to read TODAY! I don’t think of it as fate or coincidence, it is God’s complete and perfect plan! Thank you!

    • Soldier for Christ

      Carrie, I am so excited to hear that God lead you right where you needed to be today and that He used these words to touch you. Thank for the sweet words that encourage me to continue writing what God lays on my heart. It’s awesome to watch as God completes His perfect plan : )

  2. Holly Harper

    POETRY WEBPAGE!!! I love your words, and you have such a talent with prose. I’m so proud of you, friend! <3

  3. Rick Younce

    As always, I enjoyed…Thanks Taci :)

  4. Camille


    I admire your honesty and passion. You are doing such a great job with your blog and in your walk with Christ. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    • Soldier for Christ

      Camille, Thank you for the sweet words. I’m just trying to stay focused on God’s plan for me. If this blog benefits even just a few, I am thankful. God bless you!

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