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Pay Attention!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on June 23, 2011

When you are living this life with an awareness of reality and truth you can’t help but pay attention to all the details.  The thought of missing the intended outcome or purpose and not discovering the reason behind the madness of this world would be so anticlimactic. I want to appreciate God’s work not missing a thing and taking nothing for granted.  When you know that you are not in control and that God has a hand in everything, either allowing some things to happen or not happen, doing the impossible, performing miracles, saving and ending lives, changing hearts and minds, you just watch in amazement at the awesome power and control.  As the author of this life we live in, God has the entire story written in the stars from the beginning to the end.  I am fascinated by His workmanship and at all the detail put into each of our lives.  It’s like an amazing painting that I can’t stop gazing at wanting to soak it all in, taking notice of each intentional brush stroke blending together to create an awe inspiring portrait of who we really are.  We don’t know what His plans are for each of us but should be on board knowing that his will have a much better outcome.  As you grow deeper in your faith and trust more in Him you allow yourself to surrender to His plan and become finely tuned in to the turns, twists, climbs, drops, and loops of this rollercoaster we are on.  Follow the rules and buckle up trusting that the maker of the ride will get you to the end safely.  And God’s got a great ending for those who trust in Him.  When this one stops the greatest ride of your life will begin and it will last forever.

I am not a fan of rollercoasters.  I think they are scary.  They jerk my body around throwing me out of whack.  They make my stomach drop to my feet and then shoot back up to my throat.  They shake and rattle making me think the cart is going to fly off the tracks.  I prefer to just avoid them all together.  But obviously this life is one that I cannot avoid.  I am proud to say that this is the only rollercoaster I think I have mastered.  I can’t see what’s coming my way, but I sure do look back and see how the tracks behind me, although sometimes super scary and hard to take, got me to this great place I’m at now.  I am prepared for the crazy loops and stuff that may be ahead because I know that God is the builder and I have the instruction manual that tells me how to ride it safely and successfully, not allowing it to scare me to death.  I have a vision of the end and I am so excited to get there, but at the same time I keep my eyes wide open not wanting to miss the artistry of the masterfully planned, completely personalized ride God has put me on. Each uniquely customized loop-de-loop, super climb, crazy drop, and smooth sailing will be appreciated and understood with a trusting faithfulness that takes away all the fear and replaces it with peace.  Then and only then are you able to give God all the glory thanking him for all the small and big things that happen and not wasting a moment.  Praise God for the miracles in your life never dismissing them as luck or coincidence.

My God, your God, the only God, is the creator of this crazy, amazing life we are all experiencing.  He has given us the tools to be successful and fearless.  We have His love, Jesus’s sacrifice, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and the Bible’s instructions.  Use them!  Don’t try to take this ride alone or uninformed, if you do you will surely miss out on God’s greatness, now and later.

If you want to get the best out of your rollercoaster life I suggest you read the rules, buckle up in faith, open your eyes to the truth, and throw your arms up to God.   If you do that, it will all be worth it, and I’ll see you on the other side : )

Last days 096

On our crazy ride we recently experienced a very scary twist.  My nephew survived an ugly accident that by looking at the car most would believe would be impossible.  But nothing is impossible with God and He kept him safe and able to walk away with only bumps and bruises.  My family prays for the safety of our kids and we put our trust in our Heavenly Father to protect them.  God’s plans for my nephew reach far beyond his teenage years and I am so excited to see Him work in his life.  I love you so much Tanner!

God, I praise you for your works in my life and the lives of my loved ones’.  I see your footprints all around.  We trust you and place all in your hands. You are truly amazing and I thank you so so much for this recent miracle and give you all the glory!  I love you with all my heart!

One Response to Pay Attention!

  1. Tbfranco

    Amen! Prayer Makes a difference… God def. has something great still ahead for our nephew. He is an amazing gift to us all and I thank God every night for him, and all of the Beautiful children in our lives!! Well said.

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