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Soldier for “I Am” is he

Posted by Soldier for Christ on July 10, 2011

“Trust, trust, trust” I say, “in the Holy Spirit that lives within you as a believer and you will not be lead astray!”


Rick WarrenThis is the advise I give to all those out there who may have come across rumors that attack your pastor.  I love my pastor, and it just so happens that his name is Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.  This is my church home and I love all the people there, so when I come across horrible untruths about what Pastor Rick is teaching and preaching about I can’t help but take interest.  I love God more than anything in the world and I do not take His warnings about being deceived lightly.  I am in constant prayer asking that the Holy Spirit strengthen my ability to discern between true and false.  So what comes before my appreciation of my church and pastor is a longing for truth, and if I ever heard anything that even remotely distorted the Word of God, I would be out of that church quicker that you could say “Chrislam”!  

Now, I think if anyone knows the heart of Pastor Rick and the message that he so passionately preaches, would be his congregation, don’t you?  And his congregation is huge, perhaps the reason for all the haters and skeptics.  If there was something wrong with his message, you better believe there would be a whole bunch of devout Christians, including I, either leaving the church or voicing the issue.  And speaking of big churches, Rick is not responsible for the growth of his church, God is.  I admire Rick for nothing more than his complete and total surrender of his life to Christ, everything else I know is how God is using him and all credit and glorification goes to our Father in Heaven.  We all have a purpose. Discover yours by accepting the truth of Jesus Christ and surrender your life to Him.  God is waiting to use you also.

Now, if you would like to know for yourself what Pastor Rick and all the other amazing pastors are teaching there, I invite you to come to church with me on Sunday, or join us online for a live service at Saddleback Internet Campus.  Be prepared to hear the Word of GOD, the message of salvation through no one other than JESUS CHRIST, and how to live your life by that one and only truth.  Rick Warren is a blessing to all, even nonbelievers.  For it’s the nonbelievers who need Jesus the most.  This is Rick’s purpose and I am so thankful that the Lord is doing amazing things through him.  He has been such a blessing for me and my family and probably 100s of thousand others.  Praise God!

Let’s all remember that remaining focused on the TRUTH of God and the power within us through the Holy Spirit is vital for a joyful, peaceful, purpose filled life, remaining safe and protected in the hands of our Father until we are united with Him for eternity in Heaven.  How blessed are we!?!  It’s ok to question, it’s even healthy, but seek the truth and rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal it, not yourself or others.

Please check out today’s service, it was absolutely amazing!!!!  Watch it live today at “Watch Live” or later in archived services at  “Set free from me”.  You will not be sorry!  Or if you still have questions about Rick Warren’s beliefs, check out this interview of him by Don Piper at it will wipe away all doubt.


Pastor Rick,  Thank you for all you do and for remaining in the Holy Spirit day after day so that you can continue to do the awesome work of the Lord.  I appreciate your teachings and your ability to make such a large church feel small and homey.  Thank you for taking the time to visit with and give hugs to your congregation.  We truly feel loved by you, assuring us that you have our best interests at heart.  May the Lord continue to work through you and bless you and your family.  You are in my prayers and  I love you, too!


“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for loving us so much you sent you precious Son, Jesus Christ, to love, teach, and die for us, all so we may be forgiven and have eternal life with You. Living life with that truth in our hearts sets us free. Thank you also for Rick Warren, who has humbly given His life to you, allowing you to fulfill your purpose in him as a teacher and an example of a true Christian, living life the way Jesus teaches in Your Word, building your Kingdom and doing it all to Glorify You, Lord. I pray with all my heart that you continue to protect Rick, keeping him safe, humble, and encouraged to keep on keeping on. Thank you for all the lives that have surrendered to You and Your Son through the dedicated life of Pastor Rick Warren. Father, I love you with every cell of my body and trust in you completely!!! It’s in the precious name of my Savior, Jesus, I humbly pray . Amen.”


Living to glorify -

Taci – a soldier for Christ

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  1. Rick Younce

    love it Taci!!

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