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And in this corner we have…

Posted by Soldier for Christ on July 27, 2011

knockout3We all know that each day brings about an opportunity to learn something new.  If exhibiting Christ-like behavior is a priority and you reflect back on each day, examining where you may have gone wrong, there is a strong chance that there will be a lesson to learn providing opportunity to improve the next day.  Humility is important and a big plate of humble pie in the morning will set you up for success, at least that’s what I tell myself.  But, can you take that too far?  I don’t know!  And once again the battle within continues.   It would seem that my greatest opponent is myself.  What do you do when you occupy both sides of the ring?  You fight!   This is the fight worth having and the only one that will bring about the results you are looking for.

This summer I went out of my comfort zone and decided to volunteer to be a cabin leader at my church high school camp.  What a great experience.  I love teens and my heart hurts thinking about the struggles of growing up in today’s world.  We adults may think they have it easy because they are only responsible for themselves, when the truth is, this a very complicated, confusing time when they are being pulled in all different directions all while trying to discover who it is God made them to be.  I have a strong desire to teach them the truth about God and keeping it simple.  I prayed that God would use me to teach them what He wanted them to know about who He wants to be in their lives.  So I went.  And it was great, when I felt myself being used.  But, I have to tell you, I did not realize that I would be on an emotional rollercoaster there.  God used that camp to open my eyes to a weakness that has the potential to take me down and make me useless as His soldier.

In my quest to be the best I can be by exhibiting the traits that the Bible teaches us to have I seem to have adopted a self destructive one as well.  I have become far too concerned with what other people think of me.  I know that it isn’t of my own power that the traits I wish to model to the world around me come through.  I have learned to humble myself to the Spirit within, that’s the way it works.  We are far to weak to change on our own.  But why then do I worry about the way I am perceived if I know that I don’t have control of what people are thinking about me?   I find myself becoming consumed with wanting to please and appease when I feel my actions have stirred the pot.  I have absolutely no problem with admitting guilt and saying “I’m sorry”, but what’s frustrating is when I  know that I did nothing wrong and I still say “I’m sorry” over and over with no progress to show for it.  By doing this am I validating the accusations or thoughts, or is there a time when it’s not about right or wrong?  There must be.  When speaking your mind or defending the truth or saying I’m sorry doesn’t work, what do you do then?  What do you do when your heart hurts because you cannot change the way someone thinks about you?

Well, it’s not that someone that is causing me the heartache, it’s me.  I’m an open book, I talk, and then I try to listen and believe that God will speak through others to teach and help me.  I have learned that I need to protect my heart by not stressing about right and wrong and what others are thinking all the time.  There is a time and a place for the truth and I will rely on God to raise my voice when needed.   So, to keep from getting hurt or escalating a situation I just need to consider the source, keep my mouth shut, and then just say “ok”.  Not everyone is going to like me or agree with me.  I HAVE to be ok with that.  I can’t let it torment me or play over and over in my head taking up valuable time and energy.  I need to trust that as long as I know I am putting God first and my behavior is in line with the teachings of Christ, I shouldn’t worry.  But it’s much easier said than done…..for me anyways.  Seriously, who am I really trying to impress?  God or those around me?  Of course, God is who I answer to and it’s His opinion that really matters, but I still struggle.   As long as I am focused on who God wants me to be and am willing to learn from my mistakes, I should feel good.  I guess that is something I will have to remind myself everyday.  I will be sure to put that little pill into my daily dose.  I want to be a fully functional soldier for Christ and I don’t want to allow my human instincts and emotions to get in the way.  I’m realizing that the enemy lies within and I should expect a fight daily.  It is so exhausting, but I know it’s totally worth the fight.

As the boxing within continues, I will pray for my Spirit nature to take down my human nature……I want a first round knock-out, but a TKO will do.


Heavenly Father, thank you for today.  Help me to hold on to this lesson learned and never forget.  I ask that you help me overcome the destructive human nature within and lift me up high in your Spirit.  The gift of Christ within shall not be underestimated and I go forward living in that truth.  I love you and thank you.   In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

T.S. I love you

15 Responses to And in this corner we have…

  1. Kathleen

    I do not agree with you.

    1 Peter 3:15

    15. Except, bless the Lord Christ in your hearts, and be gracious in pouring out your spirit to anyone who devotes themselves to the Manifestation, over the Hope of your Faith, through kindness and submission.

    Luke 10
    17. And the seventy returned in great joy and said to him, “Our Lord, even the demons we were able to cast into oblivion with your name.”
    18. He then told them, “You should have seen Satan as he fell like lightening from heaven.
    19. “Behold, I give you authority so you can trample snakes and scorpions and all enemy powers and nothing can fight you.

    Enjoy your war in your false religion.

  2. Kathleen

    No, I am not a soldier for Jesus Christ. A soldier is meant to fight, protect and defend. Jesus does not need me to fight His battles, nor does He need me to protect or defend Him. I am a messenger.

    Jesus said, “Be in the world and not of it.” Jesus did not say fight the world. This is the very reason the Jewish people did not believe Jesus was the Messiah because they believed the Messiah would come save them from the Roman Empire by fighting them and destroying them. Jesus did not come to fight but to change humans hearts.

    Aramaic Translation:
    13. That is why you should take on all the armaments of God, so that you can fight against evil, and as you are destined for everything, you shall rise again.
    14. Rise therefore and gird your back earnestly and put on the armor of holiness,
    15. And stand on your feet by the blessings of His Revelation* of peace,
    16. And along with these, consecrate your shield of faith, by which you shall thwart all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
    17. And consecrate the borderline of salvation, and take up the sword of the Spirit that is the Manifestation of God.

    What this means is: Jesus is our Armament. When we are walking in the Light the devil has to flee. The devil and his minions hate the Light. Where is the fight then? How can there be a fight and peace? (15)

    The real issue is Believing without a doubt.

    When the devil knocks or rings I ask Jesus to get it.

    No one hears our voice. If a human soul is saved it’s only because they heard the voice of Jesus Christ.

    It is not my responsibility that anyone be saved, Jesus would never put that kind of pressure on us. Besides I can save no one.

    Salt in the day of Jesus was rare which means it was of tremendous value. It was used to preserve food from spoiling. Salt also makes one thirsty. When the gospel is mixed with Churchianity is loses its Power, Salt.

    Jesus said, “You are” the Salt of the Earth.” Not you become or it’s something we can achieve.

    What about Faith without works is dead? You are correct our works do not save us. Our works are our Faith in motion. Love is a verb. Verb: action, existence or occurrence.

    Aramaic Translation: James 2:14-26

    14. What gratification is there, brethren, if a person says, “I have faith,” but they have no works? Can such a faith bring them back to life?
    15. And if a brother or sister are naked and are lacking their daily needs,
    16. And they are told by one of you,* “Go in peace, keep warm and be satisfied,” and you do not give them their bodily needs, where is the gratification?
    17. Thus also the faith without works is dead by itself.
    18. For a human being says, “To you it is having your faith and to me it is having works; show me your faith without works and I will show you my faith through my works.”
    19. That you believe there is one God,* you are doing well. Yet even the demons believe this as they writhe on their bellies.*
    20. So then you want to know, O, you mixed up human being, that faith without works is dead?
    21. Was not our father Abraham made righteous through works, as he raised his son Isaac to the altar?
    22. You can see how his faith led to his works, and through the works his faith molded him.
    23. And the Scripture was fulfilled that said, “It was that Abraham believed in God, which was reckoned to him as righteousness,” that he was called God’s Mercy, “Av-ra-him.” *
    24. You can see that it was through works that a human being is made righteous and not through faith alone.
    25. Likewise, Rahab the adulteress, was it not through works that she was made righteous, that she received the spies and got them to escape by another route?
    26. Whereas the body without spirit is dead. Likewise the faith without works is dead.

    Make it a ♥ shaped day.

    • Soldier for Christ

      In your attempt to explain scripture you are fighting for, defending, and protecting the Word of God and you have proven my point. I consider myself a “soldier” for Christ fighting a spiritual war in an attempt to deliver the “message”. I respect you as a “messenger”. As much as I enjoy healthy debate, let’s not get caught up in our interpretations of what God calls us to be, but rejoice in the fact that we are sisters in Christ knowing, believing, and speaking the truth of Jesus and our salvation through His sacrifice. Getting that message out to the world and demonstrating the love of Christ through our words and actions should be our priority. We are individuals, unique and different from each other for a reason. God uses us in different ways. We are both Christians and will rejoice together one day in heaven.

      I invite you to read “My Story” and get a clearer vision of my understanding of the relationship we are meant to have with Christ.

      Have a blessed day,

      Taci : )

    • DR4SOUL

      Bravo, Kathleen, BUT, you have not factored in 1 Peter 3:15 and what it means to “be always ready to give a defense.” Why do you think the Apostle Paul uses a military analogy in the Eph. 6 passage you quote? He is obviously referencing a “spiritual battle.” I think you get that. A soldier is someone who stands for something. It appears that you are reading too much into the use of the term, “soldier.” Obviously, Jesus Christ is capable of fighting his own battles and completed the work of redemption on the Cross of Calvary, evidencing His victory by His bodily resurrection from the tomb. But, standing for Christ against a Christless, crumbling culture is a part what being salt and light is all about.
      We are in a battle . . . a spiritual battle. And thank God we can stand in the strength of Christ. As the Apostle Paul says in Phil. 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Our spiritual battles are fought in the strength of Christ, and not in our own strength. I think this is what “Soldier for Christ” means by her use of the term.

      Whether you use the Aramaic Bible, the KJV or the NASB, the message is the same. Since the New Testament was originally written in Greek, and we have manuscripts dating back to the 2nd Century which, when analyzed and compared by the textual critics, have brought us as close to the original as possible, we do well to study Greek in our efforts to “rightly divide the Word of Truth.” Granted, there are some textual variants, but none that impact historic Christian doctrine. The Diety of Christ, the blood atonement, His bodily resurrection from the grave, and His intercession for us at the right hand of God are all clearly taught in these translations. I, for one, prefer to depend on the Greek text and not a translation of the Greek into Aramaic. But, that’s your call. If you find any glaring differences, let me know. But, I don’t think you will find any because from what you write, you seem to reflect a grasp of basic Bible doctrine, if not a totally balanced interpretation of the same. Its always wise not to jump to conclusions in regard to what another believer means by the use of a particular term. To do otherwise can lead us into what Paul warns against in 1 Tim. 6:3-5. This is an evidence of pride which Paul says should be avoided. “Useless wranglings”, ” arguments over words, ” and ” being quick to dispute” are not characterics of being “controlled by the Spirit.” Rather than producing the fruit of the Spirit, these practices often cause us to degenerate into the works of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-26).

      How much better to lose the argumentative attitude and focus on impacting the world with Biblical truth, whether it be from and Aramaic New Testament, the KJV, the NKJV, the NASB or even the NIV.

      In Christian love,


  3. Kathleen

    Taci ~

    Could you please direct me to the Scriptures that states we are soldiers in an Army?

    There is no fight anymore. Jesus won the battle over sin and death. All we have to do is rest in what He said, “It is finished.” If this is not true then Jesus’ death was all in vain and Jesus is a liar.

    So much of what I hear is what I call Churchianity. It’s false doctrine that keeps humans in bondage.

    • Soldier for Christ

      Matthew 5:13-16 13. “You are the salt of the earth. However, when salt becomes flat, with what do you salt it? It does not go with anything, except it is thrown out, and is trampled by man. 14 “You are the light of the world. A city built on a mountain cannot be hidden. 15. “And a lamp is not lit and placed under a bucket, except on a lamp stand, giving light to all those who are in the house. 16. “This is how your light will shine before humanity, So they can see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.Aramaic New Testament

      Could it be, Kathleen, that you are a soldier for Christ as well? We are called to be the salt of the earth. To be the light in a dark world for all to see. We both soldier forward with a passion for Christ as vessels to be used to salt and light this earth. We do not fight to win the battle against Satan for we know that he was defeated at the cross. But, we fight the world we live in now. Like you said, “Remember we wrestle against spirits, principalities and darkness in high places.” That is exactly what I am referring to when I call myself a soldier for Christ. I am out fighting for the lives that God, before I existed, knew would hear my voice. I must continue to live for Christ and not myself. Every preacher, teacher, writer, speaker and singer of the Word of God is a Soldier. If we were not meant to be soldiers why then does Ephesians 6:10-20 prepare us for Christian warfare and tell us to put on our full armor of God. God expects us to fight for the truth that is in His Word. I will do as my Father asks, and it seems as though you will also. We are fighting this war together, not for our sake, but for the sake of those who need to see the light, taste the salt, and hear the good news.

      John 3:16 “For this is how [much] God loved humanity, that he gave forth his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him does not perish, except that they may have life everlasting.” Aramaic New Testament

      John 3:16 is what I rest in. I am saved by grace, not by works. That is the rule, not the exception, and this is why Jesus died for us and this is the truth, the good news that God wants us to make known with boldness. I am no longer in bondage and rely on the teachings of the Bible not the church.

      My friend, we are both soldiers fighting the same war. I appreciate your passion for the Word and enjoy your insight.

      All for His Glory -

    • DR4SOUL

      Wow, I guess the song, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” which was one of the standard Christian hymns of the 19th and 20th Centuries had it all wrong. O wait . . . Isn’t there a verse . . . yeah, its found in 1 Peter 3:15 where old Apostle Pete writes: “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.”

      Could it be that making a defense is kinda what a soldier does? I’m mean, he defends what he believes in. But wait, here’s another GREAT idea: The word Peter uses for making a defense is the Greek word, “apologia.” In Greek that word is defined as “to make a defense.”

      Cowabunga! Could it be that those folks of a generation past who sang “Onward Christian Soldiers,” had it right after all????

      And, does “to made a defense refer to (1) a rational defense, (2) a formal defense (as before a court of law), or (3) just defending your faith by living a pure and godly life?

      Think about it, Kathleen and Soldier for Christ! I’m anxious to know what you think.

      O yeah, It is true that Jesus did speak Aramaic. He undoubtly spoke Greek was well. We know from manuscripts we have found that the New Testament was originally written in Greek, although there are a few passages in Aramaic. The Old Testament was primarilly written in Hebrew, but portions of Daniel are written in Aramaic.

      I do like “trippinon truth” because in doing what we are told in 1 Peter 2:2, we “desire” or “long for” the sincere milk of the Word, we are actually doing just that. Getting high on God’s Word, rather than on something like drugs, sex or other addicting sinful lifestyles. Far better to be “trippin on truth!”

      Complements of DR4SOUL and the Bible faculty of Shasta Bible College & Graduate School. Come see us sometime.

      • Soldier for Christ

        Oh, how I love to laugh : ) Thank you, DR4SOUL, for your enlightening explanation with your obvious knowlege of scripture sprinkled with light hearted humor. It makes learning so much more enjoyable : )

        To answer your question, I would say all of the above. Every circumstance will require an appropriate act of defense. I’m prepared to act accordingly defending by way of all definitions till the day I die.

        Very interesting about the languages of the original manuscripts. That is something I did not know. This is my first experience with the Aramaic New Testament.

        You are correct in the fact that God’s word is my drug. I get high off the truth, long to learn more, and am undeniably addicted! It is my source of life, receiving peace, joy, knowledge, understanding and instruction. I can’t live without it!

        Thank for the invite. I look forward to a time when I can come and visit and learn more.

        Thank you again for your contribution,
        Taci : )

  4. Jacki Moore

    Taci…I’m hearing your whirlwind of emotions here. In my experience I find that I have to back off in the heat of the moment when emotions are crazy. I’m sure you were at the camp with the best intentions. I have the same “affliction” of being a people pleaser. Well, that’s a sweet trait but sometimes we gotta get real. Being a people pleaser allows us to make others feel good about themselves,…..when sometimes they aren’t so great. We just have to have the wisdom to know who deserves our real input and friendship from the heart.

    • Soldier for Christ

      Jackie, you are right, sometimes we do need to get real. Thank you for that reminder. Although camp was just the place where my eyes were opened to this issue and I did a lot of introspection, the actual moment of heat occurred at a later time. Camp really was a great experience and I know God used the speakers there to speak to me as well as the campers. I loved being a cabin leader and teaching my girls about God, I just didn’t realize that I was going to be learning something as well, but I’m thankful.

    • Kathleen

      Being a people pleaser is about control due to low self worth. As long as I have what you need and I can fulfill that need then in the world of fiction I believe because I am fulfilling that need then in return you will love me. As long as you need me then I am in control.

      Whenever we do for someone and we feel bad about the other persons reaction to what we have done for them we need to check our motives. Jesus will judge our motives against our actions.

      Our True value, worth, only comes from what Jesus has done for us at the cross, when He died for all our crimes we have committed against The Chief Spirit. Jesus died for me when I was the one who deserves death because of my disobedience, this is True Love. No human love can compare to this Love.

      Never will our value come for what we do for others. When we do we do to please Jesus and not anyone else. We always leave what we have done with Jesus and He will take care of the rest. This leaves the human without offense because we will be doing the will of Jesus and not operating out of our own will.

  5. Kathleen

    Pride is the reason why we struggle with what others opinions are of self. Pride is what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven because he wanted to be God and Pride is what convinced Eve there was something greater than Paradise and that was being like God. Pride is why the whole world is jacked up. The world’s trinity Me, Myself and I: PRIDE.

    Remember we wrestle against spirits, principalities and darkness in high places. Jesus said, “They hated me and they are going to hate you.” The devil doesn’t like us because when Jesus gave His blood for the world He came to save humanity and not Satan. Satan’s destiny is sealed no matter, it’s Hell. Humanity has a choice Heaven or Hell. Satan’s is IRATE about this plan and his goal is to take with Him as many souls as he can and he will do whatever it takes to trip us up and deceive us, he is the Father of all lies. As long as Satan has a grip on us we are no good to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Righteousness.

    Whatever is good comes from above, whatever is bad comes from below.

    Jesus doesn’t need an Army He is God. Jesus can do it all by Himself if He wanted to. He is only interested in empty willing vessels.

    It’s not about our rights, opinions, wants or needs anymore: it’s all about Jesus Christ. It’s all about being an empty vessel for Jesus. The only way Jesus can use us is if we get out of His way. Jesus is God and only He gets to show off but He is saying let me show off through you. The only way Jesus can do this is if we get out of his way because we are all jacked up and as long as there is a speck of us involved Jesus cannot be glorified. This means we have to die of our self, pride, self-consciousness and exchange our flesh, self, for the Spirit of Christ, Christ Consciousness. This is where true freedom comes in because it’s not about us anymore, the burden and the fight is no longer ours, it’s all on Jesus. There is nothing to prove.

    When we know who we are in Christ Jesus there is no more trippin. When we come to the realization that we are the Kings Kid there is nothing to trip about anymore. When we realize that no one on this planet is ever going to know us, love us, have our back, never leave us, cheat us, betray us, use or abuse us and always provide for us, what’s there to trip about? Jesus said, “I AM” this means I AM whatever it is you need me to be. Jesus wants us to rely only on Him. There is no more proving to anyone who or what we are or are not. Ever see the Queen trippin about anything? The Queen doesn’t trip about anything because she knows who she is.

    No need to keep apologizing to others to appease them. Jesus said, “Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

    Most often silence is the best answer. When others are speaking and we don’t agree with what they are saying silence is the best answer. The silence leaves the one who is doing the speaking with only their words to hear. They will play back these words and realize how foolish they sound.

    When we are converted from self to Jesus the enemy no longer lies within the Holy Spirit does. The enemy can tempt us but he no longer has any power or authority over us. We are only tempted by the desires of our heart. Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished.” The enemy has been defeated. When we convert to Jesus our desires become the desires of Jesus heart. Jesus said, “Strait is the gate and narrow is the way which lead to life and FEW find it.” “Few” because few will be wiling to die to their pride, self, and follow Jesus.

    Jesus will take us as high as we want to go as fast or as slow, as easy or difficult, it’s all up to us. The sooner we die to pride the sooner we find life.

    Expect a fight and you will surely find one. Argue with a fool and if anyone is listening they won’t be able to tell the difference between the two.

    Seek peace and you will find it.

    I met your dad, John Paul, today at the Swing Inn Cafe in Temecula. We had a wonderful conversation and he told me about you and how proud of you, your sisters and the grand kids he is. You are very blessed to have John for a dad. You are much loved, as well as your sisters and all the grand kids too. :-)

    Jesus please continue to use T.S. as your vessel Lord. Let her mind, eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet and heart be all yours Jesus: to encourage, lift up and hold accountable the saved and to reach those who are being deceived with Your Truth Jesus who are lost in this world of fiction. I thank you for hearing my prayer Jesus and I thank you for answering my prayer Jesus. AMEN.

    ♥ Kathleen

    • Soldier for Christ

      Kathleen, Thank you for your amazing words. I can tell you are passionate about spreading the Gospel. You are wise and I will learn from your advice. You, as well, are trippin on the truth. This is not “tripping” as in “stumbling”. Although, we will all stumble from time to time. This is a state of being amazed and overwhelmed by the truth of God’s word and the power of Jesus Christ in our lives. Those who do not trip on the truth do not know Jesus. Surrendering 100% to the Holy Spirit is a true believers goal, but each has their own journey to get there. Jesus did say “It is finished” Satan has been defeated and in the end we are victorious. All those who accept and receive the gift of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ will have eternal life in Heaven with our Father. Satan is the ruler of the world until then, and for those who are truly soldiers for Christ, as you and I are, we become greater targets for Satan’s attackes and must rely on the Holy Spirit to overcome temptation and discouragement. If we were completely empty vessels being lead by only the Spirit of Christ then we would have reached a state of perfection. This is not possible until our day comes to go home. Until then we must live in our flesh fed by our beating heart and battle the sinful nature within. We as believers have the power to overcome Satan’s attacks but lack the ability to be completely free of our human nature. We must put on the whole armor of God to withstand the wiles of the devil. As you mature in your spirituality you are able to portray more Christ like behavior and resistence to sin, but we will never become Christ. That was Jesus and He died for my sins, past, present, and future. I am a work in progress and will battle sin for the rest of my life but I do so wearing God’s armor. Each day I grow and appreciate the opportunity to learn.

      Thank you for you kind words about my Dad. I am truly blessed and love him very much.
      Thank you also for taking the time to teach me and others who read this blog. Your prayer is greatly appreciated. : )

      God Bless You!

      • Kathleen

        Taci ~

        Exchanging self for Jesus is a process. You are correct we will never be Jesus. The goal is less of us, more of Him. The less it is about us the more abundant life we will find and the more Jesus can work through us. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to save their life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake will find life.” It’s all about denying self. Only Jesus can change the nature of humans. No human in their own strength can change their nature. We will always know when it is Jesus who changes our nature because all of sudden we will realize we are not doing something that we used to do and we don’t know when or how it happened that we stopped thinking, speaking or acting a certain way that was not pleasing to Jesus. Or Jesus can take something away from us instantly if we ask Him too and He will. This way we cannot take any of the credit for the change, Jesus gets all the Glory.

        What did Jesus mean when He said, “On earth as it is in Heaven?”

        Why did Jesus tell the woman at the well and the woman caught in adultery, “Go and sin no more.” ? Was Jesus implying that we are going to be sinless or was He was speaking of habitual sin? Jesus said there are sins that lead to death and sins that do not lead to death.

        Satan only has the power that we give him through our fleshly desires.

        Are you sure that just accepting and receiving the gift of salvation is enough? The thief on the cross and those on their death bed are exceptions not the rule.

        Satan is only ruling the system; money, governments, religion, education, television, entertainment, corporations. The Father is still in control of everything, even Satan.

        If you are interested in really trippin check out Victor Alexander’s Aramaic Translation of the Word.

        In and with love ~


        • Kathleen

          What is meant when I stated the thief on the cross and those on their death bed are the exception and not the rule means: Those people knew they were dying. Most people will not have the privilege of knowing that death is at the door. If people are banking on relying on giving their soul to Jesus Christ, by asking for forgiveness of their sins, right before their last breath that is gambling with your eternity and where you are going to spend it.

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