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Stripped Naked

Posted by Soldier for Christ on August 4, 2011

Trash all the awards, the diplomas, and titles

Strip away the clothes, the cars, all materialistic idols

What are we left with when everything is gone

But a bare naked body and only truth to rely on

Humanity uncovered and completely exposed

It’s vulnerability at it’s peak, no one composed

Oh, what a state that we all would be in

The precursor, perhaps, for true life to begin

If we were up to the challenge and put to this test

What would we discover, would we become are best

Is it the things in this world that cause the conflict

Or is it what’s within, a sinful nature we depict

Could something like this abruptly open our eyes

Would it become apparent what’s causing our demise

It would even the playing field and get rid of the pride

But where would we turn to continue our stride

If not to achieve, seeking fun, fortune, and fame

What’s the use to go on, would life become lame

Would we desperately search wanting for more

Is that when we’d discover what this life is truly for

My guess would be yes, it’s an answer we all need

For it’s this question that causes every heart to bleed

To really know the truth of why we all exist

Look for the sunlight that’s just beyond the mist

It’s this world that’s deceiving and doesn’t want you to hear

But the weather is changing, it’s time to speak without fear

It’s the love of Christ that lights up the dark

The warmth of forgiveness, and new life it will spark

So if it’s naked you are with nothing in hand

With new understanding it’s for Jesus you’ll stand

You’ll suddenly realize that this is no game

We are all God’s creation and he loves us the same

His Son did not die just for a few

He suffered for all so all could be new

God loves us so much and just asks us to believe

It’s the gift of salvation by grace we receive

If we long for something better and it’s perfection we seek

Don’t fall for the lies the majority will speak

With Jesus in our hearts it’s His Spirit nature that’s in store

So be at peace knowing you have the key to Heaven’s door

But until that day comes, we will do as we’re told

Our Father has asked us to be faithful and bold

Life’s priority has changed, it’s now about His Word

God provides us the rest so our path is not blurred

So strip us down completely and just take it all away

We really don’t care because here we will not stay

We are judged by our Creator, it’s Him we want to impress

No longer in shackles we’re set free from the stress

So, please, make this your most important decision

Let the truth of Jesus Christ clear up your vision

Undress of this world and allow yourself to be free

Our riches will be in Heaven, that’s our final destiny


All for His glory -

T.S.  I love you

2 Responses to Stripped Naked

  1. DR4SOUL

    Another excellent work, Taci! Theologically “on target” and spiritually practical for todays materialistic world.

    Uncle David

  2. Holly

    made me cry. You have such a gift with words, Tace. Thank you for encouraging me to stay strong, and help me realize that this world does not matter. I love you.

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