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Posted by Soldier for Christ on September 14, 2011

To get to thirteen it starts with a day

From once a girl’s dream to getting her way

With eyes all on her dressed up in white

The moment is here what a beautiful sight

A young woman in love is dangerous indeed

When plans for the future is her number one need

The fantasy is over and real life has begun

Is this really it am I regretting this one

Reality hits and lessons are learned

Love is an action and trust must be earned

With the good and the bad year after year

God’s special plan becomes crystal clear

It’s all in the Bible there’s no secret it’s told

Follow this wisdom and the blessings unfold

The truth of these words should be at the core

First Corinthians thirteen starting at four

It starts out by saying Love is patient and kind

It might sound so simple but keep this in mind

Love does not envy, it’s not boastful, or conceited

This is important and needs to be heeded

Love acts not improperly, is not selfish, or provoked

When truthful and convicting proper behavior’s evoked

Keeps no record of wrongs for this is what’s couth

No joy in unrighteousness but rejoices in truth

Now within this is knowledge and is the greatest of cures

It’s in all things love bears, believes, hopes, and endures

Through experience I’ve learned how true this all is

For the Word is my lamp and the glory is His

God, you have chosen this beautiful man

My husband, my friend, he’s part of your plan

And out of this love came our most greatest joy

Our two precious kids our girl and our boy

As parents we strive to be the best mom and dad

We know that with Christ it will never go bad

A perfect fit we are that completes him and me

For always and forever his devoted wife I will be

To love and to cherish till the day that I die

I’m excited for our future together him and I

It’s a marker on this journey but as a team we want more

For it’s obvious now that there’s way more in store

So to my soul mate, my partner, I say through my tears

I love you and thank you for all thirteen years


9/14/98  T.S.

2 Responses to Thirteen

  1. Tbfranco

    Happy Anniversary Guys :)

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