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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Final Destination

  It’s a test of true love, our life on this planet It lasts just a minute, but that’s how He planned it Don’t think this is it, there’s way more in store Something better awaits for those who adore When it all appears over and the body is dead Take comfort in knowing the … Continue reading »

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Backyard Battlefield

Can it be that our lives are too noisy and we just don’t notice, or is it that we just choose to ignore the battle cries coming from our own backyard?  Is it possible to be so wrapped up in our own selfish lives, warm and cozy in our comfort zones, that we intentionally choose … Continue reading »

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Don’t Be Gray!

“Let there be WHITE!”  That’s what I say to this world that is turning gray.  People use the term “gray area” all the time to describe something that is not clearly understood or that is undefined.  Life is like one big gray area.  It’s a mixture of black and white, right and wrong, fact and … Continue reading »

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