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Don’t Be Gray!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on November 3, 2011

“Let there be WHITE!”  That’s what I say to this world that is turning gray.  People use the term “gray area” all the time to describe something that is not clearly understood or that is undefined.  Life is like one big gray area.  It’s a mixture of black and white, right and wrong, fact and fiction, truth and deception, good and bad all thrown into one big pot and stirred and stirred until it becomes a messy ugly goop of confusion and misunderstanding.  The master chefs, all dressed in black, have purposely come up with this recipe so that none of the ingredients are recognizable or distinguishable.  It has no flavor and all the nourishment has been cooked right out of it.  Well, guess what?  This gross goop is exactly what this world is feeding us.  This is what our kids are being fed.  It’s literally being forced down our throats.  The majority of earth’s population is completely malnourished and are falling in line with mouths wide open anxiously awaiting another big heaping spoonful  they can ingest, digest, and…well, you know the rest.  It’s garbage in, garbage out.  For the deceived this seems to be their only option. They fear starvation if they are not being spoon fed by something seemingly greater than them.  This concoction that society is feasting on is turning everyone gray.  We are no longer taught right from wrong.  We are no longer given a choice.  Truth is now subjective.  It’s a sad twisted world we live in.  The bright, white light of truth has been diluted and mixed with the darkest black of deception and evil to create something more palatable for the masses, rather than allowing the true colors of reality to speak for themselves.  Are we losing the spice of life?  Is salt becoming a thing of the past?  Is the light and flavor of this world being drowned out by this ugly gray cloud accumulating from the belching mouths of this society, causing an increasingly offensive stench to fill the air that we breath?   Yes, and the smell is making me sick!

This world is suffocating the life out of people. Vital information is being withheld. Today people scoff at setting clear boundaries and teaching our kids the truth in God’s Word.  Why can’t we just lay it all out there in black and white without mixing it all together?  The reality is that there is overwhelming evidence clearly defining and making known to us what the truth is.  If our true history was taught to people there would be no question.  If the clear facts, the Divine nature of the Bible that is like no other book, the archeological evidence, the cycle of life, the miracles, and all the fulfilled prophecies were taught truthfully with no gray area, no opinions, no interpretations and no prejudices, my guess would be that the mass majority of human beings would, without a doubt, believe in Almighty God. They would believe He is the Creator of all, the Holy Bible as His Word He left for us, the truth that is told in those Words, the deity of Jesus Christ, His Son and our Savior, and they would have the wisdom they so desperately seek.  The Bible gives us all the answers and does not try to sugarcoat or dilute the truth.  The Bible puts it all out there exposing the harsh reality whether we like it or not.  There is no gray area.  He is honest and to the point.  God loves us and wants us to love and believe in Him.  He wants eternal life for us.  He does not want to be separated from us.  He warns us of the power Satan has and explains that he will try to confuse, discourage, and deceive us into not seeing or knowing or understanding the truth.  Satan is the paint mixer, creating all these shades of gray.  He is the pot stirrer, mixing and over cooking all the ingredients.  He is the one hiding in the “not-so-bad’s” of this world.  He is the musician writing beautiful music for lyrics that lie.  He’s the master of disguise, camouflaged to blend in.  We are given the ability to see through Satan’s deceptions by the power of Christ in our lives.  When we believe, love, trust and surrender we are then able to discern, understand, obey, and overcome.  Go and learn from the only source that will lay the facts out for you clear as day.  Rely on the Bible to learn the blacks and whites of this world.  The Bible writes out a simple recipe for a dish that has all the flavor you could ever want, satisfying your every craving, and at the same time being the ultimate source of nourishment, giving your body, mind, and spirit the strength and endurance to survive the rapidly declining conditions of this world.

If asked to walk into a direction with two clear choices, the first being a white lightened path and the second being a black darkened path, which path would you take?  It’s obvious that every sane, loving person would choose the white lightened path.  White light is beautiful and warm and we are all naturally drawn to it.  The non-disputed evidence is that light appears white and it contains all of the colors in the spectrum.  The color white reflects light.  White is associated with innocence and purity; in other words, good.  The color black does not reflect light.  Black is associated with fear and evil; in other words, bad.   Look what Jesus says in the Bible about light and darkness:

John 12:46
”I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me would not remain in darkness.”

It is your choice, believe in Jesus or don’t believe in Jesus; you decide.  Walk into the light, or walk into the darkness; you decide.  The Bible isn’t telling us what we have to believe, but it does lay it out in BLACK and WHITE giving us all the information so that we can make a smart decision understanding the outcome and consequences of our choices.  It can’t be any more clear.  God makes it so simple and Satan intentionally complicates it.  Get your head out of that gloomy cloud of deception and confusion and get the facts.  Let your understanding of this world be based on all the evidence and escape from the dense fog .  Don’t just follow the heard and eat from the public trough.  It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, get educated, and start feeding your soul on the bread of life.

John 6:35
”And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

I want the truth to be told. I want people to be confident in their understanding of who they are because they have all the facts. Blinded by the haze, lives are lived with no joy and no purpose. Understand the difference between black and white and begin to view this world through eyes wide open seeing the beauty of God’s creation all around. Discover how special and unique you are.  Feel the love of your heavenly Father.  Embrace your Savior, Christ Jesus.  Live strong in the Holy Spirit.  Rejoice in knowing Heaven is your eternal home.  It is now that you can clearly see the difference between black and white, no longer being deceived.  So stand firm, stand tall, and let your light shine!


Where to find the truth in black and white:  Apologetics Study Bible For Students- hard questions, straight answers

Apologetics Study Bible for Students HCSB


Gray is out!  Expose the Black and fight for WHITE!!!

-T.S.  I love you

2 Responses to Don’t Be Gray!

  1. Holly Harper

    WOW! Amazing, Taci! You keep this coming! I am blown away at how God is using you. <3

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