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Backyard Battlefield

Posted by Soldier for Christ on November 7, 2011

Can it be that our lives are too noisy and we just don’t notice, or is it that we just choose to ignore the battle cries coming from our own backyard?  Is it possible to be so wrapped up in our own selfish lives, warm and cozy in our comfort zones, that we intentionally choose to pretend that everything is ok?  There seems to be this odd trend of thinking that our kids are capable of surviving and navigating through the minefields of each day on their limited understanding of the truth and reality that God warns us of.  The attacks and distortions on all things true and good are warping the minds of the impressionable.  My thought is that Satan knows exactly how to make all things bad appear to be an obvious choice for those with kind and loving hearts fearing the title of judgmental or narrow minded.  How naive you are made to feel if you profess to have faith and believe that the words of wisdom declaring truth, warning and promise that God has left for us are actually to be taken seriously.  What is so wrong with believing that all things were created with a purpose, out of love, by an Almighty God?  Why must people attack and try to steal our peace and hope?  Why must they feel the need to aggressively pilfer it away from our kids by dangling acceptance and entitlement in there faces if it were not because of the direct threat it has on the enemy of God?  What would be the point?  To me that right there validates Christianity as the truth.  Believers all over the world are being attacked, criticized, humiliated, abused, belittled and even killed.

For the young ones that walk amongst us, that interact with us, that we employ, that we order from, that we drive next to, that fill our schools, that attend our churches, I will not stand for the kidnapping of their souls.  There seems to be a fire raging in me, and in my desire to live for my Creator, longing to be an active soldier for Christ, I find myself feeling as if time is of the essence.  I feel an urgency within and no matter how distracted I get with my own duties as a wife and mother, it just continues to build stronger everyday.  My mission trip needs no passport, no donations or flight reservations.  God wants me to fight this battle in my own backyard.  These kids are our future and I wont let their salvation slip through the cracks of our geographic commonality.  You don’t have to travel to a third world country to find people in need.  Some are called to minister to their neighbors.  My duty is to build up the next generation of Christian soldiers making sure they are educated and outfitted in the full armor of God.  It is imperative that we build an army of strong believers who will be able to take on enemy attacks much more powerful than what we see now.

So, what does a person with no real influence do with a head full of thoughts and ideas fueled by an uncontrollable passion?  It’s so hard to know what God wants me to do.  Go slow?  Write it down?  Hurry up?  Speak now?  Discouragement is always trying to push it’s way forward reminding me of my lack of education, my humble position and all the insecurities that haunt my confidence.  A fear of judgment is a problem that I have to take care of every single day.  It’s only in the power of the Holy Spirit that I am able to continue on this path.  I am so happy to say that even with all this junk in my head my Heavenly Father is truly taking care of me.  To counteract the self inflicted attacks God gives me validation.  He builds me back up showing me that the things in my head and the passion in my heart are from Him and are there for a reason and a purpose.  I will not be wasted, and I ask that prayers go up for me as I forge ahead not sure of where I am going, but confident in my direction.


Thank you for all your continued love and support even when I sound a little crazy.

-T.S.   I love you

4 Responses to Backyard Battlefield

  1. Dave Nicholas

    Probably the most important battle you can fight! Who knows what God may do with those kids in your back yard when they are fortified with the truth of God’s Word consistently lived out by responsible.and dedicated parents. What influence and implements for the battle would yours truly have today where it not.for the proclamation and embodiment of Biblical truth by Grandpa and Grandma Nicholas.

    • Soldier for Christ

      For sure!! My heroes, my Grandparents. They were Soldiers equiping soldiers…let’s keep it going. Thank you, Uncle Dave, for being a huge part of building God’s Kingdom and equiping the next generation. I wish I had gone to Shasta Bible College right out of high school : ) Oh well, God’s got my attention now and there’s no stopping me!

  2. Tbfranco

    Always a prayer in my heart for my Sissy <3

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