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Final Destination

Posted by Soldier for Christ on November 10, 2011


It’s a test of true love, our life on this planet

It lasts just a minute, but that’s how He planned it

Don’t think this is it, there’s way more in store

Something better awaits for those who adore

When it all appears over and the body is dead

Take comfort in knowing the soul rejoices instead

Our final exhale, last fall of the chest

Leads to reaping rewards on passing the test

Below we are buried, but above we will rise

To heaven we are taken where our Father resides

What is Heaven you ask, with great contemplation

It is God’s place of dwelling, our final destination

It’s absent of evil with no sadness or tears

A place without anger, chaos or fears

The sight of perfection, sweet smells and warm air

Deluged with great love and joyous affair

A place to be marveled, streets lined in gold

With God as our ruler, so gracious and bold

The problem there is, to rest in this place

We must become pure by accepting God’s grace

Our sins separate us and lack sacrifice

So to earth He has come to pay the great price

The truth that is told you must place in you’re heart

Then spread the great word for soon we all part


A sweet reminder as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus!

Jesus is the reason for the season : )

- T.S.  I love you

One Response to Final Destination

  1. DR4SOUL

    Another great poem, Taci. A terrific evangelistic poem. Grandpa Nicholas would be extremely proud of this one. And so am I!

    Uncle David

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