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Just Ask Santa

Posted by Soldier for Christ on December 12, 2011


Lights, decorations, songs and parties galore.

It’s a month long celebration. What the heck is it for?

Do we spend all this time, all this effort and money

For a fat bearded man who dresses kind a funny?

He wears a red suit, he laughs HO HO HO.

He has a sled and flying reindeer, and lives in the snow.

The kids think he’s great cause down the chimney he plops

With a bag full of presents for each house he stops.

It’s all cute and it’s fun, but could this really be it?

I bet Santa knows why. Let’s ask Old Saint Nick.

Hey Santa, What’s up? There’s gotta be more.

Can you give us the scoop? What’s this all for?

He lets out his laugh, and his face starts to glow

I’m happy you asked, it’s important you know.

It’s not about me, or the presents I bring.

It’s all Jesus Christ, and His praise I will sing.

For He is the reason I’m here every year.

It’s the birth of our Savior, so listen close, my dear.

He’s the greatest gift ever given from our Creator above.

The sacrificial lamb to display forgiveness and love.

For your Heavenly Father came down as the Son

As a child He was born and lived and died as the One.

So don’t ever forget what I, Santa, have said.

If anyone would know, it’s me on the sled.

Enjoy and have fun but when Santa you see

Know that before Christ he’s down on one knee

Christmas is what we call the day of Christ’s birth

Understand now, why it’s the greatest celebration on earth?

So let the truth fill your heart and your joy fill the season

It’s a birthday party for Jesus, and that’s the real reason!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a blessed life!!!!!!












– T.S.  I love you

One Response to Just Ask Santa

  1. DR4SOUL

    Awesome poem, Taci! Grandma Nicholas would be incredibly proud! Hey, you could probably market this poem or at least get it published in a Christian periodical. I’d be happy to help you submit it for publication. I’m serious!

    Uncle David

    P.S. Did you get that Christmas prophecy notebook I sent you?

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