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The time is now

Posted by Soldier for Christ on March 7, 2012


A passionate heart leads to a long  journey’s start

For it’s apparent now what field needs the plow

So as He lays out each stone I step with courage on loan

Trusting feelings inside with a longing to abide

Knowing that the more steps I take is progress He’ll make

How obvious it’s become, it’s just as said in Philippians 1:21

The masses will think that this insane, but “For me living is Christ and dying is gain.”

The sweet joy that you feel is by far the real deal

I know nothing more that I have been so excited for

Oh what a glorious day when you trust and obey

To be happy in Jesus it’s just what the singers say

There is no turning back when your eyes open to the black

I’ve been exposed to the white and the knowledge of right

There’s a warmth and a glow that is absent below

His word does protect me as I swim this dark sea

I’m surfing the waves for it’s from deception He saves

Come close beside and experience this ride

Don’t ignore the sign, it’s part of His design

There’s a stirring in the spirit, but rejoice, do not fear it

The souls are crying out, there’s a longing in their shout

If it’s a dream or a feel then He’s calling you to kneel

Except His true love and His Son sent from above

It wont last for long, the current is strong

The time is right now, to our Creator we soon bow

Please don’t delay, except Christ as your Savior, do it today!!!

- T.S.  I love you


Revelation 1:7  “Look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him…” 

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