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Brain overload…help!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on May 17, 2012

What do you do when your head becomes so full of thoughts, ideas, understandings, messages, and just stuff that you feel like you’re supposed to tell others about or verbalize in some way and you just never seem to find an outlet that relieves the pressure?  I’m on brain overload.  What happens if I never get it out?  Does your brain just implode?  Will my body just absorb it till it’s gone forever?  Will it deposit like fat on my thighs and belly?  I know that writing it down will help, but for some reason I have had no desire to sit in front of my laptop and take the time to turn my thoughts into blog posts.  I wonder if I am becoming impatient.  Or maybe I’m starting to feel that blogging isn’t good enough or loud enough.  I don’t know… but I’m ok with exploring the possibility that I am getting ahead of God’s plans for me and trying to push things along myself.  God knows how to knock you down if you start to puff yourself up.  I’m humble enough to admit that maybe He is doing that.  So, this is what brings me back.  I will just continue to force myself to write until it starts to flow out on it’s own.


Now, what should I write about?  Should it be how I have discovered my soul mate?  Cause’ that’s a really good story.  Or should it be about everyone’s ability to become a triple threat?  Maybe I should write about the secret to power is to boast that you’re weak.  Oh, maybe about seeing the signs! Ummmmmm….I don’t knoooowww!   Poop, it’s not working!  I am so impatient!  I need to just chill out and focus.  My copout has been to just throw down a quick poem and call it a day, but that doesn’t really satisfy.  See, I think the problem is that my thoughts come with so much passion behind them that writing it down doesn’t do it justice, or at least that’s how it makes me feel.  Whatever it is I need to stop whining and start writing.  Wanna help me out?  Tell me what to write about.  Either something that I mentioned above or throw out your own faith based topic…that’ll get me goin’ for sure : )  I’m curious to see where this goes.  I don’t have many followers.  There are only 35 of you out there, but I’ll give it a try. 


-T.S.  I love you

One Response to Brain overload…help!

  1. DR4SOUL

    Your poems are terrific. Keep them coming as circumstances of life impress you to express personal and Biblical truth.

    You might also consider drawing practical lessons for Christian living from the lives of Bible characters and personalities. What can we learn from the experiences of Biblical personalities that might help us address everyday problems and challenges?

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