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Lord, Lead The Way

Posted by Soldier for Christ on October 28, 2012

I do know the truth that through Jesus I’m free

My house is on a hill with its light plain to see

But I’m not immune to this world, nor numb to the pain

My life is affected by the chaos and strain

I hold tight to my faith when the darkness roles in

To avoid inhaling the black and drowning in sin

Oh, how it hurts to live in this place

When what needs to be done is right in your face

The easy way out is to do nothing at all

But I can’t live in denial and ignore wisdom’s call

It’s the effort that’s hard, the first step I must take

For it is only then that for the good God can make

He’s got the power that He attached to my soul

It’s the Spirit of Christ that completes and makes whole

I must focus on this and know I am strong

So that this road I must travel won’t seem so long

I’ve jumped in the car, Lord, let’s make a deal

I’ll put on the gas if you take the wheel

I’m ready to go, so please lead me each day

Keep me humble in spirit so it all goes Your way

How amazing to know that You hear every word

And Your vision is clear when mine is all blurred

I’m human and flawed, and you love me this way

It’s Your Son that you see for my life He did pay

When I think about that, my problems seem small

They’re put into perspective and don’t seem hard at all

Wow, Lord, how do you do it?

You always open my eyes and you get me through it

When this journey is over and I’m home with You, Father

I will rejoice in Your plan every blessing and bother

I go know to face another day as a wife

Strengthened and renewed by Your Spirit of Life

It’s the good and the bad that makes up my story

But I write it each day living all for Your Glory!


- T.S. I love you

3 Responses to Lord, Lead The Way

  1. Tsmoreno

    God is Good! xoxo

  2. Whitefox

    Trying To Hold Back The Emotions I felt while Reading That great piece!

  3. Tbfranco

    That’s my sis<3

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