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Roller Coaster Ride

Posted by Soldier for Christ on November 2, 2012


In the blink of an eye it will all be over

This rollercoaster ride that goes higher and lower


Each time it goes ‘round our stomachs do flops

We’re high on the hills but we hate when it drops


And just when we think that it might finally end

The darned thing revs up and we begin to ascend


Oh, Lord, do tell, for You are all-knowing

Will this craziness end when we begin slowing?


Or will You shut it all down only when we start calling

Screaming Your name in the middle of falling?


It’s hard not to know what’s coming up next

We’re racking our brains but left quite perplexed


We’re prepared for the bends for what surprises await

But we’re tired and weak and in a vulnerable state


It’s tough to hang on when our belts are all worn

As resistance gets stronger they become torn


Will you press the stop button just when they break

And catch us mid air, is that when you’ll take?


Our Father You are we are singing your song

And we hope and we pray that You wont be too long


So around every corner and down every hill

We will strengthen our belts, hanging on for you still


We will brace and endure these tracks through the night

For Your Son did provide for our soul its own light


Brightly we’ll shine as we are whipped all around

We’ll brighten the night and spread love abound


And when the morning does come and another day starts

We’ll continue this ride with wide open hearts


We’ll fight till the end for Jesus we’ll stay

We’ve surrendered it all to You and Your way


But until that great day, Lord, keep us all strong

So we can live for you Glory leading others who belong


We’ll see You one day in the blink of an eye

And rejoice as Your Kingdom when we meet in the sky


All For Your Glory!

- T.S.   I love you

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