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Defying Gravity

Posted by Soldier for Christ on March 24, 2013

It’s gravities pull that holds my body down

My feet firmly held on earth’s shaking ground

Eyes forced to focus on what there is to see

This world’s ghastly scenery that spins in front of me.

Oh, how the heart is tormented by the sight

As the soul aches and longs for the ending to this fight.

But embraced by the truth and caressed by the Spirit

I take comfort in my Father who’s Word declares “DON’T FEAR IT!”

My mind is transported to the heavens above

As the chaos below becomes the reason to love.

It is in this place that I am weightless and free

My thoughts are transformed, my life has clarity.

I may be stuck to this globe, but I’m feeling real high

I’ve discovered the answer and now I know why

It’s with His plan and His purpose I’m alive and I’m living

Floating on the peace and understanding God’s giving

Defy Gravity

Come, take my hand and I’ll show you the way

To turn the pain of your circumstances into good each day

Released from the chains that ties us all down

You’ll escape from the bondage and go where joy is found

It’s two places at once that you will soon be

But it starts at the cross humbled on one knee

Praise be to the Father, our Savior, the Son

Surrendered and emptied with His Spirit you’re one

For He took on the flesh just to sacrifice it all

Beaten and tortured till death made it’s call

His promise of heaven is for belief, that’s the key

With that faith, comes great power, to DEFY GRAVITY!!!


- T.S.

Defying Gravity


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