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Tug of War

Posted by Soldier for Christ on August 12, 2013



tug of war2

Why do people ask the question

When the answer has always been there

Why do they shut their eyes

But claim that they really do care

Why do they fill their ears with noise

But struggle to hear a word

Why do they shout it’s all about love

When their definition is clearly blurred

What causes this phenomena

A blatant denial of truth

When something that’s so obvious

Is considered so  uncouth


My mind can wrap around it

But my heart continues to break

This behavior has been predicted

But the reality is hard to take

Each day it is battle

A tug of war within

Either rejoicing in His mercy

Or mourning for their sin

The soldier’s win declares “let’s fight”

And dresses in His Armor

So fearless as the passion burns

Marching forward for His honor


But victory often goes awry

And sorrow does prevail

The bleeding heart can take no more

And begs, “Oh, Father, life curtail”

No pain exists more than this

To witness our demise

Upside down and twisted ‘round

A  culture blinded by lies

They say it’s all about me

And pleasing my every whim

Come frolic in the shadows

For it’s my light they plan to dim


To deny the Son, our Savior

To say He is not so

To claim your Word as false

Is a place I WILL NOT go

My allegiance once again proclaimed

With You I stand forever strong

There’s nothing any one can say

That will convince me that I’m wrong

My Father, I, you did create

For life eternal was your plan

With heart surrendered to Jesus Christ

I’m saved by God who came as Man


True Christian torment will go on

‘Til that day does come

The tug of war I will endure

And accept the side that’s won

The secret weapon tightly held

A power greater than I

My hope, my strength, my courageous will

On the Bible I rely

For there is where the truth is told

And God comforts us “don’t fear it”

Embrace the truth of all “I AM”

Your Father, Son and Spirit


Mightier now than ever before

This clay is taking shape

The Potter’s hands so skilled at work

Creates without mistake

My soul has met it’s eternal mate

The Holy Spirit makes me whole

Nothing’s left that I will need

I’m free from burdens toll

Thank you, Lord, oh, once again

You’ve filled me with a fire

I live my life with purpose now

Your Kingdom building I desire!


All For His Glory


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