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It’s NOT About You!

Posted by Soldier for Christ on September 15, 2013

What if I said, it’s not just the truth that you’re told;
That there’s a secret to living where a new realm will unfold?

What if I said, knowing Jesus is just the start;
That to truly experience life, you need to also do your part?

What if I said, it is not about you;
That your eyes need to see a much broader view?

What if I said, I dare you to try;
To think not of yourself, but the stranger passing by?

Now pay attention and watch, for there’s so much you’ll see,
When you change your anthem to, “It’s not about me!”

Your focus will shift and your thoughts will be new.
You’ll see all, as God’s children, and wonder, “What can I do?”

Unfolding before you is a new sense to explore.
Without even thinking, you’re observing much more.

You can feel the lost souls and the ache in their hearts.
You read the fine lines and analyze all parts.

Each person has their story and you’re longing to know,
What brought them to this place and where will they go?

Drivers and walkers and children at play;
Praying for their souls becomes a habit each day.

The neighbor you saw crying, the lonely and depressed,
Young rebels running wild, the workers who are stressed

Down on your knees, you cry out to the Lord
“May your truth be made known, that they are adored!”

But it doesn’t stop there, much deeper it goes.
Now your smile has meaning, especially among foes.

The look in your eye is gleaming with love.
It sparkles and shines and reflects from above.

Each word that you say is carefully spoken.
A plan to portray our most precious token.

With your focus on Him, it’s Christ you put first.
Now you’re finding the lost and quenching their thirst.

So many extra blessings, with thoughts outward turned;
It’s the mystery to fully living, a priceless lesson learned.

Go! Go now! Your soul’s been set free!
Embrace your cleared vision, and enjoy your destiny!

All for His glory!


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