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A Big Reveal

Posted by Soldier for Christ on November 3, 2013

Eye SeeAs I sit at my desk pondering, playing with my scattered thoughts, my gaze narrows in and focuses on one of the 3×5 index cards stuck to my cluttered cork board. As I stare at the familiar words, I feel a rush of adrenaline make its way through my body. Suddenly my mind starts racing and I’m once again filled with a sense of power. Written in black ink is a verse I obviously considered important enough to display with the family pictures, kids art work, and feel-good Christian sayings, such as, “Jesus Loves You!” and, “The Lord is my Shepard.” Compared to these common comforts of our faith, this one piece of Scripture seems to release an entirely different sensation, and out of a sea of emotions rises the passionate determination of a soldier going to war.


Pulling the card from its cozy spot, I tap my pointer finger over each word as if to add emphasis as my mind drinks the meaning. All I can think is how much I love God’s Word! Total perfection, timeless wisdom, complete in compilation, and utterly mind blowing! It is there, in the Bible, that we take in our beginning, we are guided through our present, and prepared for a future. It is there we learn of God’s unconditional love, our persistent disobedience, and His forgiveness that leads to our promised victory. The more you read, the more you want. The more you want, the more you learn. The more you learn, the deeper your understanding. And as you dive into the rich text and swim around in the depths of knowledge, a whole new realm begins to reveal itself. You start to observe how piece by piece the fascinating facade of this world and the life we live is vigilantly dismantled, exposing the truth and reality of our short stay on this earth. What may seem depressing is actually the secret to our freedom. God provides the key to the shackles that bind us to the boundaries of space and time. Set free we can truly rise above and take in the spectacular view that our Father wants to share with us. This is the ultimate read where you are rewarded over and over by a big reveal that is miraculously customized for every moment in time.


It’s amazing how one verse has the power to open the flood gate of comprehension and literally I am sky rocketed to a place where I am defying the gravitational pull of the heavy circumstances that fight to weigh me down. It’s with Peter’s admonition I am reminded to take this seriously! As a persistent seeker of wisdom and understanding, I am always being trained. I cling to the gift of life given to me by my Savior, Jesus Christ. Awareness of His presence is a daily necessity and with focused determination I take flight knowing that I am clothed in His armor, prepared for any turbulence that may threaten my destination. I have surrendered to my Father’s plan, set out on the course that Jesus paved, and now I will soar with the Spirit beneath my wings. Pray for me!


With one last look at the verse on the index card, feeling exhilarated by the trip it took me on, I decide to read it out loud before putting it back in its place:

“Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8”


- T.S. 

One Response to A Big Reveal

  1. Dr. David Nicholas

    A superb article worthy of broad publication. Way to go, Soldier for Christ! I’m going to share it with our students at Shasta Bible College & Graduate School. Your grandma Pearl would be extremely proud. So is your uncle.

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