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A Closer Look at “TRUTH”

Posted by Soldier for Christ on June 29, 2014

researchDo you know the truth about life?  What is it and how did you come to know it?  Are you confident in your answer? 

Well, let’s explore and first consider this: Can there be more than one truth?  Is it possible that those who believe in the God of the Bible as our creator and Jesus Christ as the Savior, and those who believe in everything else, from other religions to accidental existence and evolution, all be right?  Each may believe they are right, but is that possible?

Let me ask you this: If many detectives are working to solve a murder mystery and they all come up with completely different stories and suspects, can all of the detectives be right?  Some may claim suicide, a few may say murder, but have different suspects and stories; and then some may try to say there was no death at all because there is no body, and so on.  Can there be many different conflicting stories that are all true concerning one incident?  Or is there only one story that is accurate, and if they want to get to the bottom of it, they better figure it out; right?  They should go back, take a closer look, dig a little deeper, set their personal opinions aside and truly examine the evidence; following the trails, determining what makes sense and looking for patterns.  Is there one story that fills in more of the gaps?  Is there anything in writing?  Can that writing be validated?  They are going to have to take all the stories, weigh the evidence for each accordingly, and determine where the proof lies.  If they want to solve this mystery they need to get serious and make the effort.  This is a matter of life and death for those who may be suspects, so it is crucial that the truth is discovered.  I don’t think a judge and jury would come to a conclusion that all theories of what occurred leading up to and during the incident in question are all valid and therefore all deemed  true for the parties who hold to that theory.  That is just nonsense! 

So, is it just as important to know the truth about life? Who cares if we want to believe different things? What does it matter if we just embrace subjectivism? It’s easier, right? This way no one gets mad or offended. This way everyone can be right.  Believe whatever you want. Whatever feels good to you, that’s great, that’s your truth.  All of this would be fine, if there were no consequences.  But there is one story out there, embraced by many, that says that knowing the truth, like the murder mystery, is a matter of life and death.  To know and embrace the truth leads to life.  To deny the truth leads to death.  So the real question is, if there can only be one truth and that one could lead to life while all “others” lead to death, how important is it to figure that out?  Is it worth taking a closer look and digging a little deeper?  Unlike the detectives, it’s not someone else’s life that’s in your hands, it’s your own!

What if you are living a lie?  Are you willing to take that gamble and bet your life on it?  How important is your life?  What if you are wrong? Don’t you want to know?  If knowing is important, then when beginning the search for truth wouldn’t you start with the one that claims life or death?  If you can rule that one out first, then you’re free to believe whatever you want with no consequence.   And if you discover that the evidence does point to this, then you have just been saved!  That would be the most intelligent and efficient way to go about it, don’t you think?

So, in conclusion, if there can only be one truth about where we came from and where we are going, then that means that everything else regarding this question, all those other beliefs, opinions, theories and so on, are all lies.  What are the odds that you are embracing the one truth?  Put forth the effort, dig deep, do the research, examine ALL the evidence.  Don’t settle!  Don’t be fooled!  Watch for the manipulations, theoretical assumptions, popular ideologies and the cool trends that draw you in.  If you look you will find they all lack reason and evidence.  Make this a personal priority to discover who you are by finding out if God really exists.  Investigate the Bible.  Can it be trusted?  Your life is worth the time and effort, wouldn’t you agree?  And remember, if there can only be one truth then there are many, many lies.  Figure it out!



- T.S. 

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