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Triple Threat

Posted by Soldier for Christ on July 1, 2014


What does it mean to be a Christian?  I know the common answer is we believe in the Bible as God’s Word and that Jesus Christ is our Savior.  It means that if you believe, accepting Christ into your life as your Lord and Savior you are saved.  Saved from what?  Saved from yourself, a broken world, sin, and eternal separation from God.  So as a Christian we believe, and then we go to Heaven when we die.  But that is not all there is.  That is our happy ending, final victory and reward; but God’s plan includes so much more for us.  He has included in His perfect plan a way for us to have abundant life as we journey through the physical.  He knew exactly how difficult life would be, but didn’t leave us to rely on our own strength or knowledge to get through it.  He provided us with all the tools to live successfully regardless of our worldly circumstances.  It is when you fully wrap your brain around His plan and begin to see life from His perspective that you become a Triple Threat.


So, what exactly is a “Triple Threat”?  Well, in short, my definition of a Triple Threat is someone who fully understands all of who God is in their lives.  This someone knows the three persons of God…the Trinity; their perfect Father who loves them, their Savior Jesus Christ who redeems them, and the Holy Spirit who renews them.  This someone fully embraces the unique relationship they have with each Person of God and allows Him total access to impact their life, empowering them to REALLY live out the purpose for which they were created with renewed strength, desire, comprehension, discernment, clarity, illumination, direction, and more.  With this truth comes power, the power of three, a power that lives within us and works through us and when you combine that with the Bible it makes us an enormous threat to a world that is ruled by the enemy of God.  We are set apart for a Devine reason according to a Devine plan.


The cross is a sacred symbol for Christians that stands for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The cross represents our salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice and a forgiveness of sin.  The cross represents everything our faith is about.  We hang our hope on the cross.  At a point in my spiritual journey, my year of 40 to be exact, I was blessed with arriving to what I feel was the promise land in regards to my life.  It was during this year that God spoke a deeper truth to me and opened my eyes to something I had never understood before.  It’s an amazing story of how God communicates with us when we are in a state of constant awareness of His presence.  Ask and it will be answered, seek and you shall find, knock and a world you could not have imagined will open up.  A long story short (that one day I will write about); I was formally introduced to the third Person of God, the Holy Spirit, as my soul’s true mate.  I know this may sound weird, but it made perfect sense to me and addressed a question that beckoned an answer for quite awhile.  By inviting God into my thoughts, reading His Word, and conversing and writing to Him, I was made aware of the true impact Jesus’ death and resurrection had on my life.  It is humbled at the foot of the cross that we plant in our hearts the truth of Jesus Christ and at that point receive not just a home in Heaven, but full access to all of who God is.  Our Savior is the narrow gate we must pass through in order to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.  It is through Jesus alone that we can truly know God, all three Persons of God.  This is where my inspiration came for not only the term “Triple Threat” but also for adding a “3” to the bottom of the cross.  This was a personal way for me to express my new understanding of an old tradition.  I no longer looked at it and just saw a promise of Heaven.  I now look at the cross and also see a promise for today.  A promise of abundant life that comes from truly knowing God.  A life that defies gravity lifting us to new heights and revealing a reality that reaches beyond our own vision.


Out of this, came the creation of the “Triple Threat Cross”.   It was a necklace that was originally made as a gift to a passionate 20-year-old I’m proud to call my nephew.  From there family members and friends began to also embrace it’s meaning.  The Triple Threat cross has become something we wear to remind ourselves of the truth of who God truly is in our lives and the power we have in that truth.  But what is really cool is we have discovered that it has become something much more than that.  Something even more powerful.  It has become an amazing witnessing tool.  Unlike a normal cross, people see this one around your neck and they want to know what the “3” (or sometimes they say “B” ) is and what it means.  It is at this point we as believers are INVITED to witness, to explain the true meaning of the cross and the truth of who God is.  We get to tell people that we are loved by our Father, redeemed by the Son and renewed by the Spirit.  We get to share God’s love in a moment that may have been void of that truth.  I feel like it is bringing back the power of a symbol that has been stolen, perverted and turned into a trend by a world that intentionally works to hide God’s truth.  Well, we’re taken it back,  reclaiming it and revealing it’s true meaning!   “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!” Ephesians 6:10


If you would like to be the light and join the movement, wear one of these handmade crosses, or give one as a gift.  I have made them available for purchase.  With the necklace comes a card for you that explains the meaning and also includes 4 extra cards to share with those who inquire.  The album of pictures above displays the variety of crosses I have made and that can be ordered.  I am in the process of setting up an official website, but until it drops, please email any questions and/or orders to


- T.S.  a Soldier for Christ and a Triple Threat!

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