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I Have A Dream

Posted by Soldier for Christ on April 14, 2015

DREAM BIGI have a dream! But don’t we all?  What should we think of dreams? Not the episodes that play out in our sleep, but the ones that are conceived in our daily thoughts, that we nurture and care for as they grow and become larger than life. Is it just the wishful thinking that exists as an alternative reality in the mind of the dreamer? Or is it something much more than that? Is the dream that never dies and becomes bigger than you put there for a reason? Should we have hope? Or is it ridiculous to think that perhaps something great could begin in such a small and insignificant place as your own mind?

This invisible blueprint that is created and drawn up by the inner whispers of your imagination seems to attach itself to the heart and pulls and tugs at the emotional strings until it has the opportunity to break free, jumping outside the borders of its confines and making its audible entrance, exploding into an orchestra of ideas. As the piece begins to play, the oh so familiar triumphant song you often sing to yourself is music to your ears, and as it builds with passion and authority a palpable fervor fills the room. It’s in that small moment of total surrender to its possibility that you are overcome with a childlike excitement as if opening a long awaited gift on Christmas morning. The plans for just a second seem to take shape before your eyes, and what was once a private showing for your own pleasure becomes a blockbuster. You revel in its debut and with great anticipation wait for the applause. But then, almost as quickly as it all began, it stops abruptly, the notes cease to play, the image vanishes, and you are left with the deafening silence of an audience weighted down in their seats by the gravity that works to hold us to the world’s definition of impossible. A heart wrenching reality-check slaps you across the face waking you from the momentary stupor you were just performing in. The dramatic scene induced by impatience is now over as a heavy heart calls “curtains”. Embarrassment and doubt seep in and the vibrant vision that once inhabited your inner thoughts has lost its color and started to dissolve into reservation and uncertainty. Retreating within becomes the only answer, and as you go mute, trying to escape a visionary’s torment of an unrealized dream, the mysterious cycle begins again. It’s the immortal nature of a foreknown plan with purposeful design that has been implanted into one’s subconscious reality that is not yet ready to become real.

This is the rollercoaster I have been on for years now. But I believe that I am no ordinary passenger and what continues to thrive within is only waiting for its appointed time to begin. And as much as I hate the lows, when my stomach drops, tears fall, and waves of disappointment and confusion break over me, I remain patient with an enduring hope. The dreamer in me never stops dreaming for a reason. There is a cry of victory that comes from the inner SOULdier that refuses to stop fighting knowing there is a battle still being waged in a war that has and will be revealed as already being won. I have a power greater in me than that which works against me. I am confidant and determined as I continue to live for Christ knowing that what the world says should be feared will be the onset of my gain. With an understanding of truth comes a broader perspective of that which conceals itself within perception. I have risen above and live and breathe all for His glory. So, for now I forge on with high expectations and complete faith that His plan will become my reality.

It’s because of HIM that I have this dream.

- T.S. 11.20.14
t3ruth Movement

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