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It’s NOT About You!

What if I said, it’s not just the truth that you’re told; That there’s a secret to living where a new realm will unfold? What if I said, knowing Jesus is just the start; That to truly experience life, you need to also do your part? What if I said, it is not about you; … Continue reading »

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Tug of War

    Why do people ask the question When the answer has always been there Why do they shut their eyes But claim that they really do care Why do they fill their ears with noise But struggle to hear a word Why do they shout it’s all about love When their definition is clearly … Continue reading »

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Defying Gravity

It’s gravities pull that holds my body down My feet firmly held on earth’s shaking ground Eyes forced to focus on what there is to see This world’s ghastly scenery that spins in front of me. Oh, how the heart is tormented by the sight As the soul aches and longs for the ending to … Continue reading »

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Roller Coaster Ride

In the blink of an eye it will all be over This rollercoaster ride that goes higher and lower   Each time it goes ‘round our stomachs do flops We’re high on the hills but we hate when it drops   And just when we think that it might finally end The darned thing revs … Continue reading »

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Lord, Lead The Way

I do know the truth that through Jesus I’m free My house is on a hill with its light plain to see But I’m not immune to this world, nor numb to the pain My life is affected by the chaos and strain I hold tight to my faith when the darkness roles in To … Continue reading »

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His Story

It’s his face that tells his story From the eyes it does glow bright It rides upon his character That battles through the night   From a Pearl of an angel Did this man arrive He was laid upon a foundation Built from rock that would thrive   From the namesake He was given He was blessed from the … Continue reading »

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The time is now

  A passionate heart leads to a long  journey’s start For it’s apparent now what field needs the plow So as He lays out each stone I step with courage on loan Trusting feelings inside with a longing to abide Knowing that the more steps I take is progress He’ll make How obvious it’s become, … Continue reading »

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Just Ask Santa

  Lights, decorations, songs and parties galore. It’s a month long celebration. What the heck is it for? Do we spend all this time, all this effort and money For a fat bearded man who dresses kind a funny? He wears a red suit, he laughs HO HO HO. He has a sled and flying … Continue reading »

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Final Destination

  It’s a test of true love, our life on this planet It lasts just a minute, but that’s how He planned it Don’t think this is it, there’s way more in store Something better awaits for those who adore When it all appears over and the body is dead Take comfort in knowing the … Continue reading »

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To get to thirteen it starts with a day From once a girl’s dream to getting her way With eyes all on her dressed up in white The moment is here what a beautiful sight A young woman in love is dangerous indeed When plans for the future is her number one need The fantasy … Continue reading »

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