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Dancing in the Rain…

With a deep sigh of relief I settle into my chair and finally feel like writing.  This last month has been a little distracting with the craziness of life whipping around me like a tornado. Even though I’m sitting peacefully in the eye of the storm, I know that any wrong turn can send me … Continue reading »

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Growing Pains

My daughter will often complain and cry about aches and pains in her legs at night.  When I tell her that she is growing it seems to make her feel better.  I guess knowing that the discomfort she’s feeling is something she has to go through to get taller helps her to be at peace … Continue reading »

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And in this corner we have…

We all know that each day brings about an opportunity to learn something new.  If exhibiting Christ-like behavior is a priority and you reflect back on each day, examining where you may have gone wrong, there is a strong chance that there will be a lesson to learn providing opportunity to improve the next day.  … Continue reading »

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Daily Dose

Ok, I know I’m gonna sound like Debbie Downer here, but bear with me, I’ve got good news. The truth is I’m sick.  And I’m pretty certain you’re sick.  We live in a contaminated world that is making us all sick. This place we inhabit is crawling with life threatening diseases, temptations, lies, and manipulations … Continue reading »

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Soldier for “I Am” is he

“Trust, trust, trust” I say, “in the Holy Spirit that lives within you as a believer and you will not be lead astray!”   This is the advise I give to all those out there who may have come across rumors that attack your pastor.  I love my pastor, and it just so happens that … Continue reading »

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Pay Attention!

When you are living this life with an awareness of reality and truth you can’t help but pay attention to all the details.  The thought of missing the intended outcome or purpose and not discovering the reason behind the madness of this world would be so anticlimactic. I want to appreciate God’s work not missing … Continue reading »

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Why write when you have an amazing song like this that says it all.  I thought I would give you break from reading. If everyone felt this way, what a wonderful world this would be.  Enjoy : )

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No Curtains, No Blinds…

I close all the blinds and turn off the lights I’m  hiding from chaos where evil ignites Outside is this life, dark and obscure But behind these two windows I sit so secure They can’t see inside, I’m hidden from view Staying away from the masses, I trust just a few It’s they who know me … Continue reading »

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What matters most….

My biggest concern, maybe even obsession, is taking care of the most precious gift ever given to me, my kids (that‘s after my salvation of course.) As a child of God, it is so important that I am the mother my Heavenly Father wants and expects me to be. And as a mother, it is … Continue reading »

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Are you crazy?

QUESTION:  Are you crazy for questioning or are you crazy for not questioning? Is it possible to be a very optimistic, trusting person that questions a lot? Does that even make sense? It sounds like a contradictory statement. But when you always have God on the brain you can’t help but be full of hope and … Continue reading »

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