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The Lost DaughterYou have reached a place where a soldier for Christ writes about the truth and reality of this world and how it impacts her life. The hope is that these words bless those who read as much as they have blessed the author.  Although personal in nature, God works in many ways, and with much prayer this blog has been created for His purpose. With an intense desire to serve our Heavenly Father and accomplish His will this is hopefully just the beginning of a long life of spreading the Gospel. But, because it’s on His time, patience is at the forefront, learning to wait on God’s plan. High expectations can lead to disappointment, so the focus remains on trust that with a passionate love for Christ and always remaining available to Him, the purpose for which I was created will be fulfilled,  remembering that greatness  in God’s eyes is not about the size of the service but the intent of the heart. Every day is another opportunity to be exactly who God wants us to be, each special in our own unique way, using the gifts given to glorify Him. My willingness is there, for God gave me life, Jesus saved it, and now, guided by the Holy Spirit, I give it back.  Wherever this may lead I obediently go excited to be a beacon of light in this dark world.  I truly hope you enjoy tripping on the truth as much as I do.  If you would like to be alerted to new posts you can either subscribe with your email in the right column, follow “trippinontruth” on twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.  Thanks again!

- a soldier for Christ