Dancing in the Rain…

Dancing in the rainWith a deep sigh of relief I settle into my chair and finally feel like writing.  This last month has been a little distracting with the craziness of life whipping around me like a tornado. Even though I’m sitting peacefully in the eye of the storm, I know that any wrong turn can send me flying right into the destructive winds.  Finishing up the dreaded errands of today I was rewarded with a ray of sunshine breaking through the dense storm clouds that has been the usual forecast.  Oh, what a sight.  God seemed to know exactly what I needed to inspire new life and energy running through my mind straight to my fingertips.   This lousy weather of emotions and discouragement I have been experiencing lately is just part of the reality of this imperfect world; but it’s my own negligence that allows the winds to scatter my thoughts and blur my focus.  How easy it is to give in to the chaos of my mind and just forget or ignore my needed daily dose of truth.  I should know better and I’m disappointed in myself for not filling my soul with God’s Word.

As my spirit slept my body trudged on with just a faint dim of light illuminating my path.   On my way through the day’s overcast agenda I came across a bright shining beacon that awoke my spirit.  Who knew a simple task would end up feeding my soul.  Like a little bit of heaven melting in my mouth, I savored every bit of it and will surely remember the flavor for a long time to come.  Little did the baker know that this morning’s batch of cookies would be completely devoured and enjoyed by someone who was desperately craving something sweet.  I’m on a sugar high that I intend to keep.  This is exactly what I have been needing and I am truly grateful.

Thank you for the warm smiles,  loving eyes, and thoughtful words that were so generously handed out.  Your kindness has impacted me in such a positive way and has reminded me that I should be dancing in the rain, not hiding from the storm.  The weather may change but the SON will always shine!

God Bless!       

T.S. I love you

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Growing Pains

growing painsMy daughter will often complain and cry about aches and pains in her legs at night.  When I tell her that she is growing it seems to make her feel better.  I guess knowing that the discomfort she’s feeling is something she has to go through to get taller helps her to be at peace and get excited for the end result.  Growing taller is good and that takes the focus off the bad.  Because the pain seems to be in one leg at a time I like to joke with her that she will have one leg longer than the other.  Or I complain that I don’t want my little girl to grow up and get taller than mommy.  I want her to be my baby forever.   Laughing and joking always helps.   I remember having those same aches and pains in my legs.  These bothersome episodes are normal in the natural evolution of the human body and are endured without fear or anxiety because we understand their purpose.

In this same way our trust and faith grows and our character evolves and takes form.  Life is full of aches and pains, but if you understand and welcome them as a growing process that can lead to change, greater wisdom, clarity, or an awakening of the soul, then each painful incident or hardship that we bear becomes a significant milestone in our lives keeping us on the intended path God uniquely laid out for each of us.  Recognizing the impact of divine providence can have a life changing affect on the way you look at your circumstances.  Knowledge is power and with that each mountain climbed becomes a triumphant achievement that builds strength and endurance encouraging and preparing you for future success.

The simple truth is that this world is controlled by two powerful forces, the greater force allowing the other.  Everything that fills us with peace and joy and that benefits all is good and is from God.  Everything that fills us with fear or regret and causes devastation is bad (evil) and is from Satan.  The good news is that God is the creator of all and He has dominion over Satan and his plan for destruction.   Jesus conquered Satan at the cross.  But this still leaves us with two options when it comes to our pain and suffering.  Option one:  Choose to focus on the good in our lives giving thanks to our heavenly Father knowing that when we decide to rely and trust in Him during these times, we become better than we were, and God celebrates our recognition of His control in our lives.  Option two:  Choose to focus on the bad in our lives becoming vulnerable to Satan’s devious tactics of fear and anxiety with the intent of pulling us away from God and causing our circumstances to worsen.  Our regression is Satan’s progression and that’s when he celebrates.

Of course, we all know that option one is the way to go, but I understand that it is easier said than done.  Everything in life is easier said than done.  That is exactly why actions speak louder than words.  So, let me tell you how your words can become your action.  Since Jesus already defeated Satan for us, and as believers Jesus lives in us, we have that same power.  Satan is allowed to rule this world for now and we are all susceptible, but as Christians we can call out in Jesus’ name commanding Satan out of our lives, out of our minds, out of our loved ones, and out of our households.  I know this may sound crazy to some of you, but it is absolutely true.  Dress in God’s Armor every day.  Get your daily dose of truth.  Be prepared to speak the name of Jesus when temptation knocks at your door.  It’s in the trying times we tend to think God has left us, but that is a lie, He’s waiting on you to call out to Him.  God wants to rescue you.  Don’t deny the power of Christ, use it…say it.

…“I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” – LUKE 10:18-19

…”Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” – ACTS 16:31


Don’t let the growing pains of life discourage you, they can be a gift; just trust, be at peace, and laugh a little through the discomfort.  Oh, and don’t worry, this life wont last forever, heaven’s just around the corner.

All for His glory -

T.S.  I love you

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Stripped Naked

Trash all the awards, the diplomas, and titles

Strip away the clothes, the cars, all materialistic idols

What are we left with when everything is gone

But a bare naked body and only truth to rely on

Humanity uncovered and completely exposed

It’s vulnerability at it’s peak, no one composed

Oh, what a state that we all would be in

The precursor, perhaps, for true life to begin

If we were up to the challenge and put to this test

What would we discover, would we become are best

Is it the things in this world that cause the conflict

Or is it what’s within, a sinful nature we depict

Could something like this abruptly open our eyes

Would it become apparent what’s causing our demise

It would even the playing field and get rid of the pride

But where would we turn to continue our stride

If not to achieve, seeking fun, fortune, and fame

What’s the use to go on, would life become lame

Would we desperately search wanting for more

Is that when we’d discover what this life is truly for

My guess would be yes, it’s an answer we all need

For it’s this question that causes every heart to bleed

To really know the truth of why we all exist

Look for the sunlight that’s just beyond the mist

It’s this world that’s deceiving and doesn’t want you to hear

But the weather is changing, it’s time to speak without fear

It’s the love of Christ that lights up the dark

The warmth of forgiveness, and new life it will spark

So if it’s naked you are with nothing in hand

With new understanding it’s for Jesus you’ll stand

You’ll suddenly realize that this is no game

We are all God’s creation and he loves us the same

His Son did not die just for a few

He suffered for all so all could be new

God loves us so much and just asks us to believe

It’s the gift of salvation by grace we receive

If we long for something better and it’s perfection we seek

Don’t fall for the lies the majority will speak

With Jesus in our hearts it’s His Spirit nature that’s in store

So be at peace knowing you have the key to Heaven’s door

But until that day comes, we will do as we’re told

Our Father has asked us to be faithful and bold

Life’s priority has changed, it’s now about His Word

God provides us the rest so our path is not blurred

So strip us down completely and just take it all away

We really don’t care because here we will not stay

We are judged by our Creator, it’s Him we want to impress

No longer in shackles we’re set free from the stress

So, please, make this your most important decision

Let the truth of Jesus Christ clear up your vision

Undress of this world and allow yourself to be free

Our riches will be in Heaven, that’s our final destiny


All for His glory -

T.S.  I love you

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And in this corner we have…

knockout3We all know that each day brings about an opportunity to learn something new.  If exhibiting Christ-like behavior is a priority and you reflect back on each day, examining where you may have gone wrong, there is a strong chance that there will be a lesson to learn providing opportunity to improve the next day.  Humility is important and a big plate of humble pie in the morning will set you up for success, at least that’s what I tell myself.  But, can you take that too far?  I don’t know!  And once again the battle within continues.   It would seem that my greatest opponent is myself.  What do you do when you occupy both sides of the ring?  You fight!   This is the fight worth having and the only one that will bring about the results you are looking for.

This summer I went out of my comfort zone and decided to volunteer to be a cabin leader at my church high school camp.  What a great experience.  I love teens and my heart hurts thinking about the struggles of growing up in today’s world.  We adults may think they have it easy because they are only responsible for themselves, when the truth is, this a very complicated, confusing time when they are being pulled in all different directions all while trying to discover who it is God made them to be.  I have a strong desire to teach them the truth about God and keeping it simple.  I prayed that God would use me to teach them what He wanted them to know about who He wants to be in their lives.  So I went.  And it was great, when I felt myself being used.  But, I have to tell you, I did not realize that I would be on an emotional rollercoaster there.  God used that camp to open my eyes to a weakness that has the potential to take me down and make me useless as His soldier.

In my quest to be the best I can be by exhibiting the traits that the Bible teaches us to have I seem to have adopted a self destructive one as well.  I have become far too concerned with what other people think of me.  I know that it isn’t of my own power that the traits I wish to model to the world around me come through.  I have learned to humble myself to the Spirit within, that’s the way it works.  We are far to weak to change on our own.  But why then do I worry about the way I am perceived if I know that I don’t have control of what people are thinking about me?   I find myself becoming consumed with wanting to please and appease when I feel my actions have stirred the pot.  I have absolutely no problem with admitting guilt and saying “I’m sorry”, but what’s frustrating is when I  know that I did nothing wrong and I still say “I’m sorry” over and over with no progress to show for it.  By doing this am I validating the accusations or thoughts, or is there a time when it’s not about right or wrong?  There must be.  When speaking your mind or defending the truth or saying I’m sorry doesn’t work, what do you do then?  What do you do when your heart hurts because you cannot change the way someone thinks about you?

Well, it’s not that someone that is causing me the heartache, it’s me.  I’m an open book, I talk, and then I try to listen and believe that God will speak through others to teach and help me.  I have learned that I need to protect my heart by not stressing about right and wrong and what others are thinking all the time.  There is a time and a place for the truth and I will rely on God to raise my voice when needed.   So, to keep from getting hurt or escalating a situation I just need to consider the source, keep my mouth shut, and then just say “ok”.  Not everyone is going to like me or agree with me.  I HAVE to be ok with that.  I can’t let it torment me or play over and over in my head taking up valuable time and energy.  I need to trust that as long as I know I am putting God first and my behavior is in line with the teachings of Christ, I shouldn’t worry.  But it’s much easier said than done…..for me anyways.  Seriously, who am I really trying to impress?  God or those around me?  Of course, God is who I answer to and it’s His opinion that really matters, but I still struggle.   As long as I am focused on who God wants me to be and am willing to learn from my mistakes, I should feel good.  I guess that is something I will have to remind myself everyday.  I will be sure to put that little pill into my daily dose.  I want to be a fully functional soldier for Christ and I don’t want to allow my human instincts and emotions to get in the way.  I’m realizing that the enemy lies within and I should expect a fight daily.  It is so exhausting, but I know it’s totally worth the fight.

As the boxing within continues, I will pray for my Spirit nature to take down my human nature……I want a first round knock-out, but a TKO will do.


Heavenly Father, thank you for today.  Help me to hold on to this lesson learned and never forget.  I ask that you help me overcome the destructive human nature within and lift me up high in your Spirit.  The gift of Christ within shall not be underestimated and I go forward living in that truth.  I love you and thank you.   In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

T.S. I love you

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Daily Dose

daily doseOk, I know I’m gonna sound like Debbie Downer here, but bear with me, I’ve got good news.

The truth is I’m sick.  And I’m pretty certain you’re sick.  We live in a contaminated world that is making us all sick. Sick smile This place we inhabit is crawling with life threatening diseases, temptations, lies, and manipulations infecting the hearts, minds, and souls of every human being on this planet.  These vicious germs are immune to our efforts to ward them off or cast them out.  Their sole purpose is to get into your blood stream and destroy every bit of good that dwells within us.  They seek to discourage, dishearten, distress, debilitate, oppress, weaken, upset, confuse, torment and completely drain you of the life God planned for you.  Our human instinct is to believe that we have control and that we can change our circumstances and situations with will power or positive thinking, but by believing that we are empowering the evil attackers.Devil So as our health continues to decline we have to face the fact that we are powerless and weak and don’t stand a chance on our own.  If we, ourselves, are unable to defeat the destroyers of good, then what can we do?  Where do we look for the antidote to the poison that is seeping into our veins and slowly killing us?

Well, I’m not a doctor, but I have the answer, and I will gladly, without charge, write you a prescription for all that ails you.  You don’t have to remain sick.  There is a remedy, and it is so powerful that these deadly invaders wont stand a chance.  For this medication to work at it’s maximum strength it must be taken daily.  This amazing elixir is the truth and power of God’s Word.  It is absolutely imperative that you get your daily dose for it is with the power of Christ Jesus that we win the war against the evil influences that threaten us every single day.  Don’t be just a believer in Christ, be a soldier for Christ, and fight for the life God has planned for you.  Vaccinate yourself by either meditating, praying, communicating, reading, talking, or hearing God’s Word on a daily basis and this will keep you armed and full of the Holy Spirit so that you are always prepared and protected when Satan attacks.  He’s the master of disguise and with focused ill intent he waits for moments of vulnerability to inject a virus that he hopes will go undetected and plague you for the rest of your life.  Forgetting to take your medication leaves you open and susceptible.  Don’t do it!

Live life free from all that makes you sick.  It is God’s love that makes us well, through Christ’s sacrifice we are healed, and protected by the Holy Spirit we remain strong and healthy.  Go now, take your daily dose, and start feeling better today!!!  Smile


Christ is the cure!


armor of God

Finally, be strengthened by the Lord and by His vast strength.

Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the tactics of the Devil.

Ephesians 6:10-11



- T.S.   I love you

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Soldier for “I Am” is he

“Trust, trust, trust” I say, “in the Holy Spirit that lives within you as a believer and you will not be lead astray!”


Rick WarrenThis is the advise I give to all those out there who may have come across rumors that attack your pastor.  I love my pastor, and it just so happens that his name is Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.  This is my church home and I love all the people there, so when I come across horrible untruths about what Pastor Rick is teaching and preaching about I can’t help but take interest.  I love God more than anything in the world and I do not take His warnings about being deceived lightly.  I am in constant prayer asking that the Holy Spirit strengthen my ability to discern between true and false.  So what comes before my appreciation of my church and pastor is a longing for truth, and if I ever heard anything that even remotely distorted the Word of God, I would be out of that church quicker that you could say “Chrislam”!   Read more »

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Pay Attention!

When you are living this life with an awareness of reality and truth you can’t help but pay attention to all the details.  The thought of missing the intended outcome or purpose and not discovering the reason behind the madness of this world would be so anticlimactic. I want to appreciate God’s work not missing a thing and taking nothing for granted.  When you know that you are not in control and that God has a hand in everything, either allowing some things to happen or not happen, doing the impossible, performing miracles, saving and ending lives, changing hearts and minds, you just watch in amazement at the awesome power and control.  As the author of this life we live in, God has the entire story written in the stars from the beginning to the end.  I am fascinated by Read more »

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Why write when you have an amazing song like this that says it all.  I thought I would give you break from reading. If everyone felt this way, what a wonderful world this would be.  Enjoy : )

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No Curtains, No Blinds…

I close all the blinds and turn off the lights

I’m  hiding from chaos where evil ignites

Outside is this life, dark and obscure

But behind these two windows I sit so secure

They can’t see inside, I’m hidden from view

Staying away from the masses, I trust just a few

It’s they who know me and what I’m about

But I’m intentionally quiet, not wanting Read more »

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What matters most….

My biggest concern, maybe even obsession, is taking care of the most precious gift ever given to me, my kids (that‘s after my salvation of course.) As a child of God, it is so important that I am the mother my Heavenly Father wants and expects me to be. And as a mother, it is so important that I give my kids the best. Can those two goals be the same thing? Well, they should be, but if you think about it, society tells us something different. Everything we see and hear around us today tells us that our kids should have this or that, wear this or that, look like this or that, be the best at this or that, get grades like this or that, excel at this or that. So what’s the best for my kids; this, or that? Read more »

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